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Gold coins displayed on a surface.

The Best Gold Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Gold jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement or luxury item—it’s an investment that, if well-maintained, appreciates over time. This is especially true during times of economic turmoil or recessions, when historically gold prices have outperformed conventional financial assets.  While traditional…

Gold vs. Cryptocurrency: Fundamental Differences Explored

Gold and cryptocurrency are often juxtaposed as alternative investment vehicles and stores of value. While both offer unique advantages to investors and are seen as hedges against traditional fiat currencies, they are fundamentally different in numerous ways. In this article,…

18K gold jewelry items on a glass tray

18K Gold Price Per Gram: What is 18K Gold Worth?

Jewelry collectors and precious metals aficionados alike often wonder what their high-purity gold items are worth—18 karat gold (or “18K” gold) is no exception.  For example, a pound of gold is worth about $29,000 to $30,000 as of Q1 2024.…

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