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If you have decided to invest in a gold IRA in 2022 (or roll over a previous retirement vehicle such as a 401k or 403b to a gold IRA), your next step is to decide which precious metals IRA company to work with. Below you'll find the best gold IRA companies we've reviewed this year.

Gold IRA Awards in 2022

Top 10 Gold IRA Companies
(Detailed Ranking Table)

#1. Best Overall Company + Best for Bullion & Fees

  •  1,600+ five-star reviews on BirdEye
  •  Clear mission: they sell bullion only (easy to liquidate)
  •  10+ year old brand
  •  Forbes Finance Council member
  •  All assets under the same hat (Regal IRA™)
  •  Low minimum ($5,000-10,000)
  •  No additional fees when selling back
  • Non-transparent about the management team
  • Not rated by the BBB

#2. Best for Premium Bullion + Best for Ratings

  •  Non-Commissioned Sales floor (Rare in the industry)
  •  Only gold IRA provider with in-house compliance department
  •  Best customer reviews across the board
  •  Harvard-educated Economist on staff
  •  Perks for High Net Worth customers
  • High investment minimum ($50,000)
  • High premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium

#3. Best for Storage

  •  Great ratings on BBB, TrustLink, and Trustpilot
  •  Partners with 3 IRA custodians: Equity Trust, Preferred Trust, & GoldStar Trust Companies
  •  Preferred vault facility is the world-renowned Delaware Depository
  •  Segregated or non-segregated storage options
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium
  • Newer in the industry

#4. Advantage Gold

  •  Great ratings on TrustLink & Trustpilot
  •   The company is a U.S. Mint listed dealer
  •  They claim to have fast delivery times (to be verified)
  • Website doesn't provide pricing information for coins
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins

#5. Noble Gold

  •  Perfect average rating of 5/5
  •  Low IRA account minimum of $2,000
  •  Collin Plume puts a lot of emphasis on education
  •  Exclusive IRS-approved storage in Texas
  •  "No-quibble" buyback policy
  • Young brand (only 6 years old)
  • Only "A" rating from the BBB
  • Key founding partner left in 2020
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins

#6. American Hartford Gold

  •  Great customer reviews
  •  Offers price match guarantee
  •  Buyback program
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium

#7. American Bullion

  •  Longevity in the industry
  •  Substantial educational resources section
  •  Provides secure storage with Delaware Depository
  •  Segregated or non-segregated storage options
  • Some negative reviews and complaints
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium

#8. Goldco

  •  Excellent scores from 1000+ verified reviews
  •  Highly-rated customer service
  •  Flat annual fee structure without any surprises
  •  Competitive $80 annual fee
  •  Worthwhile promotions on offer
  •  Segregated and non-segregated storage options
  • Minimum investment of $25,000
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium

#9. Birch Gold

  •  Good selection of precious metals
  •  Great customer reviews
  •  Education & communication prioritized
  •  No first year fees on $50,000+ transfers
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • No offerings in platinum or palladium

#10. Rosland Capital

  •  Good selection of products
  •  Great customer service
  •  Delivery in 10 days or less
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins
  • Website doesn't provide pricing information
  • Some negative customer reviews

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Advantages of Gold IRA Companies

You may be thinking of adding gold to your investment portfolio for a number of reasons such hedging against inflation, deflation, or general economic uncertainty. The benefits of investing in gold as well-established. However, holding gold specifically within a self-directed gold IRA allows you to invest in a tax-enhanced environment. With a traditional IRA, you can deduct your contributions and your investments grow tax-free.

Investing in gold through specialized gold IRA companies means that you will be dealing with experts in both retirement investing and gold investing. Investing in physical precious metals has many caveats that only a specialized company can take the best care of. You want a gold IRA company that can handle all aspects of the investment process, from regulatory compliance to choosing the coins or bars, understanding rollover procedures, securing storage, and transportation.

Benefits of Allocating a Portion of Portfolio in Precious Metals

gold ira companies - portfolio allocation
An example of the famous Tony Robbins “All Seasons portfolio” which has an estimated 8% gold allocation.
As always, it is important to remember that physical gold pays no dividends nor interest. Also, please speak to a financial professional before making any asset allocation decision. The first step in learning how to invest in gold is discovering the myriad reasons why gold investing can benefit your financial situation. The primary reasons you want to own physical gold (not paper gold) as part of an IRA are:
Hedge against the declining dollar and money printing policies

Again, history has shown that any decline in the value of the dollar correlates with a rise in the price of gold. While all other assets tend to follow the health of the dollar, gold gives your portfolio additional protection in case the dollar goes south.

Safe haven in times of geopolitical, economical, and financial turmoil

Gold is often called the “crisis commodity” because people worldwide flee to its relative safety when world tensions rise. While governments and central banks respond to crises by printing more money, gold cannot be produced and the limited supplies make it a hot commodity during those times.

A strong case in point is the global financial crisis, which saw the price of gold rise +27.4% between October 9, 2007, and March 6, 2009. While during the same time the S&P 500 fell by -54%. Similarly, the Dot Com Crash saw gold prices rise +18% (October 2, 2000 to October 2, 2002) and the Iraq-Kuwait war coincided with a +11.1% gain in gold prices between August 1 and August 14, 1990.

Hedge against inflation AND deflation

History has shown that gold not only responds positively to inflation but holds up against deflation as well. During inflationary periods, the price of gold tends to exhibit upward price movement, although there's no direct correlation between the rate of currency inflation and gold prices.

Essentially, when investors notice that the value of their currency is experiencing volatility, they look to sound money, such as physical gold. Gold is a tested way to store wealth as a risk-mitigating measure.

Supply and demand fundamentals

Gold is not just a beautiful shiny metal, it has real-life commercial uses in various industries such as electronics, architecture, high technology, medicine, and more. In particular, gold is used widely in the production of consumer electronics, an ever-growing industry in our modern times. According to, 37% of gold, excluding bullion, is used for electronics in America.

gold ira companies - gold usage

In fact, about $21 billion worth of gold is used every year in commercial electronics like smartphones and tablets. Since there are a limited amount of gold mines, and fewer mines are being discovered each year, this bodes well for those bullish on the price of gold in the long run.

Store of Value

As mentioned initially, you don’t necessarily get rich by owning gold. That is not the point of investing in physical metals. However, unlike stocks and bonds, the value of gold can never be zero as there is inherent material value in the substance itself for manufacturing and industrial usage. At no point in its millennia-long history has the price of gold gone to zero.

Portfolio Diversification and Protection

As pointed out previously, at various points in its history gold has had a negative correlation to stocks, bonds, and the dollar. Is your portfolio stock-heavy? Most successful investors will tell you that when it comes to investing: you don't want to put all your eggs in the same basket. Investing in gold and other precious metals such as silver, palladium, platinum, and rhodium offers deep diversification that can protect your wealth during market crashes.

3 Questions You Need to Answer Before Calling a Gold IRA Company

1 – What Percentage of your Portfolio Do You Want to Allocate to Precious Metals?

If you let salesmen make that decision for you, you'll end up investing 100% of savings, and your first-born, into precious metals! Do your due diligence and speak to your financial advisor to determine what allocation you want to go with based on your objectives and concerns.

Gold and silver are generally used as a hedge, or an insurance policy, in case all other dollar-bound investments like stocks and real estate go south.

2 – Bullion Coins OR Premium/Rare Coins?
 BullionProof & Uncirculated coinsCollectibles/Numismatics
IRA Eligible?YesSomeNo
Highest Purity Level?YesYesNo
Limited Edition and/or Scarcity Factor?NoYesYes
High Finishing Quality & Detail?*NoYesSome
Easy to Sell/Liquidate AnywhereYesNoNo
Premium Over Spot When Buying?LowMediumHigh
What you can expect to sell them for?Close to spot price. Usually no or little premium.Spot price + premium based on rarity/age/demand for your coinsSpot price (if they contain some precious metals) + premium based on rarity/age/demand and other factors
Where can you sell them?Anywhere, since these bullion coins are recognized and trusted worldwide. However they'll probably only give you spot price. Anywhere, but original dealer would likely be the best place if you want to recoup premium. Others might only give you spot price. Ebay is also a good option if you have rare and highly sought after coins.Antique stores, coin shops, collectors' markets, eBay.

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Higher Quality & Detail?* Bullion coins are struck once. Proof coins are struck twice, giving them more luster, detail and shine. Visually and texturally, proof coins look better as they are meant to attract investors and collectors alike.


The IRS allows only bullion and a limited amount of proof coins to be included within a Gold IRA. The question you need to ask yourself is “do you care about the QUALITY and RARITY of the products you're buying?” If the answer is no, then go for the common (non-proof) bullion coins like Amerian Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs. Gold bars are also a good option.

These products command lower premiums over spot, but aren't rare or scarce since they are the same products being sold everywhere by all dealers. When it's time to sell, you can sell them anywhere to any dealer but can expect to get a price close to the spot price.

No premium can be added to these since they aren't rare and the exact same coins are being sold every year. If the answer is yes, and you don't mind paying higher premiums for such coins because you hope you can sell them for higher premiums in the future due to their scarcity, then go for proof/rare coins, but be careful as only certain proof coins are allowed within an IRA (e.g. American Eagle Proofs). Most proof coins aren't eligible.

Selling proof coins is a bit more difficult than bullion. Unless you want to settle for a price close to spot, it's much easier to sell them to the same company you bought them from if you want to get the best prices. So, make sure their buyback program makes sense to you.

3 – Am I Opening a Gold IRA for the Right Reasons?

Once again, if you rely on the salesman of the company you're calling, they'll convince you that everyone and their grandmother needs to open a Gold IRA. After all, his/her commission depends on it! In reality, metals aren't for everyone.

You need to ask yourself why you want to own gold. Is it for the right reasons (e.g. portfolio diversification, wealth preservation over the long term) or is it for the wrong ones (e.g. getting rich overnight, conspiracy theories, etc). Don't let this be an emotional decision. It should be a rational one.

7 Things to Look For in a Gold IRA Company

You'll likely contact at least two or three different companies before making an investment decision. When choosing a company, we recommend looking at these elements:

#1 Ratings, Ratings & Ratings!

gold ira companies - ratings

The more positive reviews a company has from its existing client base, the better. Additionally, ratings from authority bureaus like the BBB (Better Business Bureau), BCA (Business Consumer Alliance), BirdEye (a review aggregator), and Trustlink are paramount. Feedback from previous clients on websites like YP. Complaint Board and Yelp are also great indicators of the company's professionalism and service level.


You want a company that cares about you and your investment without feeling pushy and without using fearmongering. This is about diversification and protecting your retirement. Do your due diligence. Speak to your financial advisor, and most importantly don't fall for hungry salesmen.

#2 Premiums You're Paying for the Coins

Again, some people are strictly interested in bullion for its high purity, others like proof coins (also called premium or rare coins) for their rarity and superior craftsmanship (see comparison table below). With bullion, you get the common well-known coins like the American Eagle or Canadian Maple leaf which are recognized everywhere, and you are generally paying lower premiums over the spot price of gold.

Premium proof coins, while definitely more attractive visually, command much higher premiums, mainly due to their rarity (they are limited editions) and superior craftsmanship (they are struck twice and with a higher level of detail). Depending on which Gold IRA company you are calling, they will most likely try to sway you one way or another.

Don't be pressured by their sales teams. You and only you should decide on what type of coins to add to your IRA. 

#3 Company's Longevity

In this industry, new companies constantly come and go. One of the main reasons it's important to consider longevity before investing in a gold IRA, in our opinion, is because of the buyback program. When you're interested in liquidating, it's much easier to sell your coins/bars back to the same company you bought them from. You'll generally get better prices than going to other dealers. This is especially important for those buying proof coins and limited edition coins.
Many gold IRA companies have exclusive coin deals with national mints like the US Mint or Royal Canadian Mint, meaning that they get exclusive rights to sell specific proof coins (that includes setting the price). If you buy those coins and want to sell them back a few years later, you'll likely have to sell them back to the same company.
If the company doesn't exist anymore, you'll have to go to other dealers or post them on eBay or pawn them off. As you can imagine, this involves a lot more work and it can take you a lot longer to find buyers that want to give you a decent price for them.

#4 Fee Structure: Gold IRA Companies

Always choose a company with flat annual fees, as opposed to companies that have a scaled fee model that grows with the account size. This is especially true for medium and large investors (e.g., $50,000+) and those planning to grow their account size over time.

Some of the companies we reviewed can charge thousands of dollars per year for large accounts. Avoid this if you can. We'll reiterate: Always seek out flat-fee gold investment companies that won't scale up your fees as your account grows with time.

#5 Efficiency & Delivery Time

Some clients reported that they waited up to 90 days for their accounts to be set up and their precious metals to be delivered. This is simply unacceptable in today's uncertain economic landscape. If you want to protect your wealth today, you can't let months pass before you can acquire the gold you paid for.

The best gold investment companies or gold IRA companies typically have same-day or next-day account setup processes. After the setup is complete, they generally let you fund your account within 3-7 business days, at which point you're free to buy and sell gold and other metals.

#6 Pushy Salesmen or Unfriendly Customer Support

Some agents will try to push you to invest in collectibles and numismatic coins simply because these will yield much high profits for them. This is a major red flag and we strongly recommend that you stay away from companies with such practices. Collectibles are NOT recommended for investors, and they are not approved by the IRS for IRAs.

When you contact a precious metals IRA company, ask them as many questions as you can to see how knowledgeable and helpful they are. If you feel rushed or pushed into collectibles, move on to the next one. The only gold or silver eligible for IRA inclusion is physical bullion, and certain proof coins made by the US Mint.

#7 Other Alternative Investment Options Available?

Your new gold IRA is a self-directed IRA and therefore can accommodate additional alternative investments in the future if needed. Is the company you are working with able to offer additional alternative investment options, such as cryptocurrencies or real estate? If you ever wanted to expand your horizons and invest in more alternative assets, it helps to find a provider that can accommodate that.

You can read third-party gold IRA reviews for a closer look at which companies you should trust in the gold investment space.

Top Gold IRA Companies Summary

We recommend that you contact a few companies before making a decision. Compare their service, products, and fees using our gold IRA companies review, as well as your own homework into each company reviewed—don't merely take our word for it. Also, speak to your financial advisor before making any investment decisions and never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.



Gold IRA Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Gold IRA, or a Precious Metals IRA, is essentially a self-directed IRA used to invest in physical metals. Only certain custodians offer such as investment product. You will not find it at Vanguard, Charles Schwab or any other standard financial/brokerage firm, as those tend to specialize in paper investment like stocks, bonds, and ETFs. It is also worth noting that not all physical metals are eligible to be held in a Gold IRA. Only high purity bullion products like the American Eagle, American Buffalo, and the Canadian Maple Leaf products are IRS-approved to be held in a Gold IRA. Beware of a company that tries to convince you to invest in numismatic or collectibles.

A Gold IRA, or a Precious Metals IRA, is a complex bureaucratic endeavor that involves a custodian, a dealer, and a depository. The IRS is very strict when it comes to opening a Gold IRA or rolling over a previous 401(k) or IRA into a Precious Metals IRA. This means that any mistake in the process can end up costing you thousands of dollars in penalties and tax implications. This is why it is paramount to choose a company that has a stellar track record in opening Gold IRAs.

Only certain bullion coin and bars are approved by the IRS for investment within an IRA. This has to do with purity level and issuing mint. The American eagles, Canadian maple leafs, Austrian Philharmonic are examples of bullion coins of high purity levels that are issued by recognized governments. Collectible coins and numismatics are NOT approved for IRA investments. Be careful when you shop around for Gold IRA companies because many of them are known to push collectibles and numismatics to their clients to raise their profit margins. A reputable and trustworthy IRA company should only recommend bullion coins that are IRA approved.

A Gold IRA Company or Custodian is a company that specializes in setting up Gold IRAs from beginning to end, including account setup, IRA rollover/transfer, purchase of qualified metals, and storing them with an accredited depository. A Gold IRA Company should be able to handle the entire process for you and answer any question you may have at any step of the process. Gold IRA Companies tend to form strategic alliances with traditional IRA custodians, accredited depositories, and wholesale metal dealers. Example: Regal Assets partners with New Direction IRA, Dillon Gage and Brinks Worldwide for the Precious Metals IRA setup. They also partner up with Lloyds of London for insurance and have other partners for their other alternative investments.

These reviews are totally legit and unbiased since we are simply extracting reviews from external review bureaus like the BBB, TrustLink, the BCA and others. We are an independent Gold IRA magazine with a mission to provide you with all your options. However, as we disclosed on other pages, we DO get compensated when you fill out forms or click on certain links on this page. This doesn't affect the quality of the reviews since we are rating these Gold IRA companies based on what their own customers are saying about them, and based on their fees and other important criteria. We encourage you to do your due diligence and contact several companies before making an investment decision. Also, speak to your financial advisor and ask for their advice.

The #1 scam in this industry is companies trying to sell you numismatics and unqualified gold coins in your IRA. Why? Because these coins yield much higher profits for them. 30%-50%+ profit margins on numismatic coins are very attractive margins for some brokers. Buying such coins can end up costing you thousands in penalties as they are NOT eligible to be held in IRAs.

Unfortunately, not all precious metals IRA companies follow industry standards regarding transparency and ethics. Some have even been accused of fraud, something which is unfortunately not unheard of in the precious metals industry. That's why it's imperative that you do your homework and research the most trusted, IRS-approved precious metals vendors for your retirement savings accounts.

If you want a lower-risk experience, I recommend choosing a top-rated gold IRA company that handles the process from end to end. This way, you can rest assured that your holdings are compliant with IRS regulations. Note:  we strongly recommend that do your due diligence and call a few different companies before making an investment decision. Also, speak to your financial advisor before investing in any asset class.

Home storage is a GREY AREA. Proceed with extreme caution if you plan to take this route. Regal Assets does NOT offer this option as they don't want to put their clients at risk, but other companies we reviewed on this page do. If you decide to choose home storage for your Gold IRA, make sure you ask the company all the details and legalities involved in such a decision. We recommend a safe depository, either in the US or offshore, as it's generally safer. Choose offshore storage such as Cayman Islands, Canada or Singapore if you want your gold out of the US government's reach (multiple companies offer offshore storage). However, home storage is NOT a recommended option here at Gold IRA Guide. It can put you in big legal trouble with the IRS if they find out, and there's also the risk of theft and loss. Depositories are insured against all these risks.

It's marketing 101. All businesses in the world want to lure you in by giving you a freebie. Just like in any industry, companies want to get your contact information so they can have you in their database and be able to contact you. This space is no different than any other industry. However, requesting a Gold IRA kit from a company is something you should do before investing any sum of money with them or doing any rollover. The kits are usually 100% free and no obligation, so you don't risk much. Sure, they can email you and call you but you can opt-out of emails and tell their brokers to stop calling you after the first phone call if you aren't interested. They won't be able to pester you after that.

It depends on many factors. What do you care about most? Ratings? Storage options? Availability of other alternative investment options? Physical location? Customer support? Once you decide which factors matter the most to you, make a shortlist of a few companies that meet your criteria, and either give them a call, or request their free gold kits to learn more about their company and products.


Amid global economic and geopolitical instability, now is the time to consider diversifying your IRA or 401k with precious metals, the only asset class to have consistently performed well in times of crisis. As always, we recommend that you do your due diligence and speak to your financial advisor before making any investment decision.

Unsure about which gold IRA company to choose? Let us match you based on your situation and objectives by taking this 1-minute quiz: