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GoldCo Review Summary:

Goldco is definitely no stranger when it comes to Gold and Silver IRA investments. We like their team's transparency, their education materials and dedication to making their clients feel at ease with their investment. If you are thinking of rolling over a retirement account to IRA-approved gold and silver coins, then Goldco should be on your call list! However, if you are looking a for more extensive selection of metal products, including platinum and palladium coins, or other alternative assets you'll need to look elsewhere. Goldco is a highly rated organization committed to the satisfaction and education of its would-be clients.

Goldco ( is an online precious metals dealer that specializes in IRA and 401(k) rollovers. The company has gone by several different names in the past when it was called Goldco Direct and Goldco Precious Metals. Though the Woodland Hills, California company only dates back to year 2006, the company executives  possess more than 100 years of total experience in wholesaling precious metals between them (per their website). The company provides services including precious metals delivery direct to their clients and also delivery to retirement vehicles Gold IRA's and 401k's.

About the Management

The company website gives a useful amount of information on its two primary executives. Today these key leaders include the company founder Trevor Gerszt and CEO Brenda Whitman.

Founder Trevor Gerszt

Trevor Gerszt

Goldco founder Trevor Gerszt comes from a family legacy of precious metals collecting. It also helped that he was born in the planet's second largest gold producing country of South Africa. Thanks to this family tradition of and extensive experience with coin collecting, Gerszt spent his free time while growing up collecting gold numismatic coins. From a young age, he began to understand the importance of having the leading precious metal in a portfolio.

By the year 2006, Gerszt was ready to open his own gold dealing firm. He started Goldco in Woodland Hills, California with the aim to assist would-be customers who needed an honest partner to help them include precious metals like gold and silver in their IRA retirement accounts. Gerszt and company have continued focusing on this goal for a decade and a half. Though the company's name has changed slightly in that time (from Goldco Direct and Goldco Precious Metals), their emphasis on educating and helping clients has remained the same.

Brenda Whitman


CEO Brenda Whitman

Today's CEO Brenda Whitman has worked her way through the ranks at Goldco over the past five years. She started at the firm as their Director of IRA Services back in May of 2015. Since then she has provided leadership as the company's Chief Operations Officer, a role she assumed in 2017. By February of 2018, Whitman was filling one of the top two leadership roles at Goldco.

Whitman brings a wide range of experience to Goldco. She came from Capital Gold Group where she served over 10 years in various leadership roles at the IRA and gold dealing firm. Her positions there included Senior Controller, Director of IRA Services, and Vice President. In her tenure at Capital Gold Group, Whitman ran a National Affiliate Program. In this capacity, she assisted financial professionals who wished to include the choice of physical gold as an option for their own customers who wanted to manage risk and decrease the volatility of their retirement and investment portfolios. Whitman taught these other professionals how to safeguard the value of their customers' savings, longer term investments, and retirement holdings.


Goldco Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Below we have provided links to the profiles, consumer ratings, and customer reviews of Goldco from the most authoritative ratings bureaus and business directories that you can access online. You can get more information and specific customer responses by clicking on the associated links to thoroughly check out Goldco and its customer interactions.

  • BBB Rating: A+ (Details)
  • BBB Complaints: 0 complaints in the last 3 years (Details)
  • BCA: AAA (Details)
  • BCA Complaints: 0 complaints in the last 3 years (Details)
  • CitySearch: Not Rated (Details)
  • Google+: Not Rated (Details)
  • RipOff Report: Not Rated
  • SiteJabber: Not Listed
  • Trustlink: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5) based on 118 reviews (Details)
  • Yellow Pages: Not Rated (Details)
  • Yelp: Not Rated (Details)

These ratings provided above demonstrate that Goldco remains a greatly respected company in its industry, at the same level with its highly regarded rivals and foremost among the sector's leading competitors.

Goldco Featured Products

Goldco has always made its specialty the sale and delivery of gold and silver coins that are IRA approved. In the past they used to offer a more extensive coin catalog that included collectible gold (such as pre-1933 gold and European gold) as well as certified graded coins. Today they have changed their emphasis to focus exclusively on IRA-approved gold and silver offerings. The company still delivers these precious metals either directly to clients or to their custodians for Gold IRA's and 401k's.

Goldco does not offer other types of IRA-approved precious metals on their website. You will not find palladium or platinum coins for sale. They also do not promote the availability of silver and gold bullion bars and ingots. If you are looking for these other types of IRA-allowed products, you will have to go to one of their rivals. For a company whose founder's background features collecting numismatic coins, it is also somewhat of a surprise to see that they do not offer any rare or collectible coins on their website any longer.

Goldco IRA-Approved Gold Products

Goldco makes a point of the fact that commemorative and collectible coins may be enjoyed by coin collectors, but they are not allowed to be included in precious metals IRA's. They are featuring only gold that meets the IRA minimum established quality guidelines. The company also reminds would-be investors that gold you have at home already can not be added into your IRA.

The Goldco Gold IRA will also not permit you to invest in paper backed investments like the Gold Exchange Traded Funds and Exchange Traded Notes. This is for various reasons.  Although trading Gold ETF's is convenient and easy, you do not own the actual gold whatsoever. Instead, you only have shares of an investment company that inventories gold. Such a middle man means that this is a paper investment and not a real hard asset. For individuals who are looking to purchase gold for a true hedge in case of a market collapse, the ETF is a link in the chain of the market and so carries the risks of other paper assets.

At time of publication, Goldco was featuring two different gold issues on their website that are IRA approved. These are the Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile and the Lunar Dog British Gold coins. Both are offered in a quarter ounce denomination by Goldco. Each possesses the minimum purity of 99.9 percent or .999 which the IRS requires. Goldco also specifies that you keep either of these with a custodian and vaulted at a secure depository if they are going to be a part of your precious metals IRA. You could also buy these coins to keep in a private collection at home, but they would not be a part of your IRA this way.

Gold Australia Saltwater Crocodile

  • Limited Mintage Coin
  • Produced by The Perth Mint in Australia
  • 1/4 ounce size with 99.99% pure gold
  • Eligible for precious metals IRA inclusion
  • $25 Australian legal tender face value
  • A highly respected alternative to U.S. currency
  • Sought out around the world by investors and collectors alike so always in demand


Lunar Dog British Gold Coin

  • United Kingdom legal tender with a £25 face value
  • Minted to .9999 gold purity
  • Bullion standard as produced by the Royal Mint
  • Fifth in a sought out series featuring the 12 year Lunar calendar so highly likely to remain in demand
  • Eligible for precious metals IRA inclusion
  • Featuring the fifth official coin portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse
  • Including a reverse design of British-Chinese artist Wuon-Gean Ho

Goldco IRA Approved Silver Products

Goldco advises clients that there are different considerations to investing in silver versus gold. You have to partner with a trusted company to avoid problems with silver coin counterfeiting for starters. Silver is also a heavily utilized industrial metal whose applications go far beyond status symbols and consumer jewelry. Industrial sectors rely on silver for industrial tools, medical equipment, and important energy technologies. This is why they point out that experts continue to predict that silver prices could soar in the upcoming several years.

It means that IRA-approved silver can be sought out not only for potential scarcity appreciation but also as an insurance hedge against future inflation. Goldco is quick to point out that not all silver coins are eligible to be in an IRA. The IRS has strict rules for silver issues to qualify.

Goldco was featuring two half ounce silver coin issues on their website for IRA inclusion at the time of publication. These included the Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodiles and the Canadian Silver Lucky Dragon coins. Both have the IRS-mandated 99.9 percent minimum purity (or .999 fineness minimum). For these coins to be allowed in your Goldco precious metals IRA, they would have to be stored at a secured depository by your custodian. The company will also sell them to you for your home collection and ship them to you directly, but they can not be considered a part of your IRA this way.

Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodiles

  • Limited Mintage Coins
  • Produced by The Perth Mint in Australia
  • 1/2 ounce 99.99% silver purity
  • Eligible for inclusion in precious metals IRAs
  • Australian legal tender of 50 cents face value
  • A highly respected alternative to U.S. Currency
  • Sought out around the globe by both investors and collectors so likely to remain in high demand


Canadian Silver Lucky Dragon Coin

  • Limited Mintage Issues
  • Produced at the respected Royal Canadian Mint
  • One ounce of .9999 fine silver
  • Eligible for inclusion in precious metals IRAs
  • Canadian legal tender of $5 face value
  • A well-respected alternative to U.S. currency
  • Sought out throughout the world by investors and collectors alike

Goldco Storage

Goldco does not offer any storage options for its customers. They also do not mention any preferred storage or vault partners on the website. What they do offer is to assist you in transferring any gold or silver coins that you purchase over to a secured vault that is found in an IRA-approved depository. The company does make an issue about not co-mingling any IRA precious metals in the storage facility. This means that they are encouraging one of several nationally known vaults like IDS in Delaware or Brinks Storage.

Goldco Customer Education

Goldco makes customer education a priority like its rival Regal Assets, and while they may not be the best company for educating would-be clients, they do offer quite a lot of useful knowledge. You can find this under their drop down menu headed as the “Knowledge Section.” They provide pricing on the two main precious metals as well as a range of eBooks and videos to view. Goldco also offers a helpful Frequently Asked Questions page that you can peruse.

Included in their eBooks are hot topics like “10 IRA and 401k Mistakes You Are Making,” “10 Reasons the Dollar Will Crash,” “How China Will Destroy Your IRA or 401k,” “The Truth About Home Storage IRAs,” “The American IRA and 401k Crisis,” and “How to Buy Gold and Silver.”

Goldco also boasts a wealth of videos that you can watch from the website. Some of their relevant titles include the following:

  • America's Monumental Retirement Dilemma
  • Things Are Looking Bleak for European Markets
  • Stock Market Crashes
  • Can You Trust Mega Banks?
  • Five Threats to Your Retirement,”
  • Invest in Hard Assets

In the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will find an emphasis on topics relating to questions about Gold IRA's like “How do I roll over my existing IRA or 401k to a Gold IRA?” and “Why do I need a custodian to administer the precious metals in my IRA?” It is clear from the efforts that the company has put into these educational resources that Goldco values an educated customer.

Goldco Contact Details

Key Pages From Goldco Website

  • About Gold IRAs Goes through the various advantages to diversifying your retirement accounts using gold and silver.
  • Goldco Videos – A collection of helpful educational resources for would-be and existing clients.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Answers many of the most common questions concerning setting up a Gold IRA and acquiring the right IRA-approved coins.
  • About Goldco – Provides an introduction to the company and its two primary executives.

Consider All Options Before Buying Gold for Your IRA

Choosing a gold IRA company and IRA custodian to help you invest and protect a portion of your retirement savings is not a task that should be rushed or downplayed in importance. While there are many gold dealers that offer similar pricing and shipping policies for the sale and delivery of gold bullion, each company typically partners with or recommends one or more IRA custodians for you to store your gold with.

Thus, the most important factor to compare when choosing a gold IRA company is the cost of storage and admin fees charged by the IRA custodians they deal with. Some companies charge sliding scale fees that increase as you deposit more gold into the account, while others charge flat-rate fees regardless of the custodian used or the amount being stored. Flat rate fees are always preferred over sliding scale fees because they are more transparent and cost less then sliding scale fees.

Contact Us if You Own or Represent Goldco

If you're an owner, manager, representative, or associate of Goldco and you've noticed information on this page that is incorrect, please feel free to contact us with revision requests. In keeping with the aim of giving our readers the most accurate and helpful company reviews, we will honor any requests to remove false, misleading, or outdated information.

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Pros of GoldCo

  • Full transparency when it comes to the management team and company's background
  • Extensive education materials available to clients
  • Highly experienced team (their management team has a combined century of experience in metals)
  • Friendly customer support
  • Great track record

Cons of GoldCo

  • Small selection of precious metal products (which is not necessarily a bad thing. They only have the purest bullion products approved for IRA investments. No collectibles or other lesser known coins.)
  • Lack of availability of other alternative assets

GoldCo Review Summary

Goldco is definitely no stranger when it comes to Gold and Silver IRA investments. We like their team's transparency, their education materials and dedication to making their clients feel at ease with their investment. If you are thinking of rolling over a retirement account to IRA-approved gold and silver coins, then Goldco should be on your call list! However, if you are looking a for more extensive selection of metal products, including platinum and palladium coins, or other alternative assets you'll need to look elsewhere. Goldco is a highly rated organization committed to the satisfaction and education of its would-be clients.


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  1. Trevor Gerszt from GoldCo knows a lot about precious metals and was able to teach me some things I didn’t know about bullion. As a beginner investor I was really looking for a company that cared about educating its clients and taking the time to answer all of their questions over the phone. I found out that many other gold ira companies were quick to push numismatic coins and other non-IRA eligible coins because they carry higher profit margins. Beware.

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