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Top Bitcoin & Ethereum (Cryptocurrencies) IRA Companies in 2017

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If you are considering Bitcoin or Ethereum for your IRA or 401k (or to do a rollover of a previously existing IRA, Roth IRA, 403b or 401k to a Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA), then you will first need to choose a reputable and trustworthy Cryptocurrency IRA company to work with. As this is a relatively new field, there are only a few of these companies from which you can safely pick. Whether you're interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple or any other cryptocurrency, it is important to work with a company or custodian that has a successful track record with retirement investors and the ability to answer your questions and offer the best options based on your objectives and budget. You should also realize that the top three rated companies on the table below will take care of all your arrangements of getting it set up, such as with handling your prior IRA custodians and offering secure cryptocurrency storage.

Below is a useful comparison chart which will guide you in making the best choice. We have obtained the most current ratings for all three of the companies using well-respected review boards from the likes of BBB, BCA, TrustLink and more. You can see all of the relevant details in an expanded review by clicking on the “View Full Review” button beside each of the companies. It would be a good idea to print a copy of this webpage for any future reference needs too.

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Both Bitcoin and second cryptocurrency Ethereum are all the rage nowadays. As this chart below shows, the value of the leading cryptocurrency has risen dramatically both year to date and over the last year:

Chart Courtesy of CoinDesk

The price potential for both Bitcoin and Ethereum over the long term could be enormous. The analyst Van-Peterson of Saxo Bank correctly called the Bitcoin price move from approximately $750 to $2,000 in the past year, as did tech guru Kim Dotcom. Now Van-Peterson is forecasting the price of the world's largest cryptocurrency hitting $100,000 in ten years or less. This would represent an incredible 3,483 percent increase off of its recent all time highs, Van-Peterson said.

To arrive at these dramatic predictions, Van-Peterson assumes that all of the main surviving cryptocurrencies will make up 10 percent of the average daily volumes of Forex currency exchange trade within 10 years. The ADV of the foreign exchange is presently around $5 trillion per the Bank for International Settlements. At 10 percent of $5 trillion, this would give an ADV of $500 billion.

Van-Peterson says that Bitcoin will hold 35 percent of the cryptocurrency market share. That would give them $175 billion in average daily volume, or amount of BTC traded each day on world forex markets. Van-Peterson assumes that the total market cap of the bitcoin will be 10 times its ADV, which would amount to a $1.75 trillion in market cap for the leading cryptocurrency. The analyst projects around 17 million total (out of the 21 million fixed limited maximum total supply) BTC will exist in 10 years. That only represents a gain from today's 16.3 million BTC. By dividing the assumed $1.75 trillion with 17 million bitcoins, you arrive at a per BTC value of slightly more than $100,000 each. Van-Petersen stated:

“This is not a fad, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. There will emerge two to three main ones. Bitcoin will be one of those. And the reason is the first-mover advantage, the scale and the pioneering.”

Ethereum has already proven itself in a number of strong ‘industrial” types of digital applications in the field of smart contracts (especially pertaining to electricity account management and payment and cash transfer transactions), which means it has secured its place as one of the other surviving one or two cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the dozens of companies involved in the EEA Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (including Microsoft, Intel, BP, JP Morgan, and numerous international banks and other companies), Ethereum should only grow stronger with time.

Even if Van-Peterson's lofty projections on Bitcoin are a little optimistic in the end, the rapid and apparently limitless growth in the value of Bitcoin helps to explain why many individuals and investors are beginning to think seriously about the cryptocurrency variation on gold for their long-term retirement holdings. Others have turned to Ethereum as the new digital version of silver.

Top Reasons to Include Cryptocurrencies as Part of Your IRA

Besides the possibility of Bitcoin and the other major cryptocurrency Ethereum soaring to the proverbial stratosphere in value over the coming decade, there are a number of other solid, viable reasons to add these electronic currencies to your retirement portfolio. The so-called digital gold and digital silver have all of the following significant advantages over traditional fiat (backed by government faith, trust, and credit only) currencies:

  • Cryptocurrencies are really only ten years old. This makes them young according to the average history of major asset and investment classes. It also means there is a long way for them to go and grow
  • With the world increasingly and unstoppably becoming more digital, technological advances such as cryptocurrencies will achieve a permanent place given some time and increasingly reliable technological underpinnings
  • The degree of anonymity with which the various cryptocurrencies come is very appealing to many people who value their financial and identity-based privacy. They allow you to discreetly conduct your transactions and even lower the likelihood of your identity becoming stolen or used fraudulently
  • Holders of cryptocurrencies are not subject to the whims of the U.S. Federal Reserve and its currency interference. Bitcoin and Ethereum are completely unregulated as they are not issued by any central bank. This gives them a common appeal as with gold, silver, and the various other precious metals
  • There are not any transaction and holding fees with the cryptocurrencies as with bank and other investment asset fees
  • They provide the safe haven appeal of goldWhen economic, financial, and geopolitical crises hit, fixed quantity safe haven currencies like gold, the precious metals, and now the main two cryptocurrencies enjoy the benefit of a dramatic flight to safety as tensions around the globe increase. World governments may print still more worthless paper money in such scenarios, yet neither gold nor the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be endlessly reproduced. This dramatically limited nature gives them huge appeal in dangerous times like these
  • Limited supplies, growing demand promises that the price can only rise over time and as demand continuously increases. There are no more than 21 million total Bitcoins that can ever be produced by the rules of the system. This means that the world will soon reach the point where the current under 17 million coins reach their physical and system cap of 21 million. No more will ever be created after that. It makes BTC far more rare than even gold and the precious metals. Ethereum is similarly limited in production by the council that oversees and develops it
  • Effective diversification for your retirement portfolioIt is a distinct possibility that your retirement portfolio is either stock or bond (or both) heavy. Every successful investor will say the same thing regarding investing. You should never place all of your proverbial eggs within the same basket. Cryptocurrencies provide you with another viable asset class in which to effectively diversify a portion of your retirement holdings
  • Reliable hedge against the money-printing induced declining dollarAs more and more dollars are printed to finance the U.S. Treasury's runaway spending of over a trillion dollar deficit spending every year, the value of the greenback has to continuously decline with the supply only continuing to expand limitlessly. The major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are finite in number and can not simply be inflated away with time. Both gold and the cryptocurrencies provide you with an alternative currency hedge against the decline of the dollar and other major western currencies

What to look for in a Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA company

The table above is intended to assist you in comparing the reviews and ratings for the best Bitcoin/Ethereum IRA companies. When choosing a firm, it is sensible to consider the following three characteristics:


It is simply better to go with a firm that boasts as many positive reviews from its current clients as possible. Trusted review authorities such as the BBB Better Business Bureau, BCA Business Consumer Alliance, and Trustlink are most important. It is also good to consider whatever feedback is available from reputable websites including Yelp, Complaint Board, and YP. This will speak volumes about the customer service and level of quality from these firms.

Bitcoin IRA Fees

It is best to find companies that provide truly flat yearly fees. Those firms which slide their fee scale higher as the account size gets bigger are only taking advantage of you. For those investors who already have large accounts in excess of $50,000 as well as those who plan to increase the size of their account with time, this is particularly critical.

Account Set Up Efficiency

There are clients who have waited even months to have their IRA accounts established and ready for first purchases. With the fast moving cryptocurrency markets and especially bitcoin and Ethereum prices these days, this could mean paying even hundreds of dollars more for a handful of BTC or Ether tokens, as this Ethereum chart clearly demonstrates below:

When you consider all of these criteria, Regal Assets comes out on top. They are the only IRA firm that boasts a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, a Business Consumer Alliance rating of AAA, and more than 500 five star reviews from trusted review board TrustLink. Famed Inc. 500 has ranked Regal Assets at their 20th position, which speaks volumes about the integrity, customer satisfaction, and quality of Regal Assets. You can obtain more information about Regal Assets by calling them at 1-877-205-1104. Alternatively, you might:

We would like to remind you that we are a 100% independent site and that none of us work for any of the companies reviewed on this page. We recommend that you always do your due diligence when choosing a company to work with. Call a few, and request their free kits to get a better idea of their offering.