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When it comes to a Precious Metals IRA, you cannot just invest into any type of coin or collectible. The Internal Revenue Service has laid out some strict rules when it comes to what type of metals are permitted. In fact, many popular bullion coins and bars are not eligible for IRA investing simply because they do not meet the purity requirements of the IRS. The purity grade needs to be 0.995 or higher for gold, 0.999 or higher for silver, 0.9995 or higher for platinum and 0.9995 or higher for palladium.

As of 2024, below you will find the gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars that you can safely own as part of your retirement investment strategy.

No Collectibles Allowed in an IRA

It is important to understand that, despite what many dealers (scammers) will say, collectible coins aren't allowed in an IRA under any circumstance. However, it is perfectly okay to purchase collectible coins as a separate investment (outside of your IRA). You will then be responsible to store these coins on your own. Collectible coins aren't approved by the IRS simply because of their lower purity level.

The main consequence for buying unapproved coins is that the IRS will consider it a withdrawal and will charge you income tax on the amount. There is also a 10% penalty for those under 59.5 years old.

Popular Bullion Coins Bars that are NOT Eligible for IRA's

The following coins and bars, although extremely popular among investors and collectors, are NOT eligible for IRA investing. Be careful when you speak to your favorite precious metals IRA dealer, if they recommend you invest in any of these, they clearly aren't professional/knowledgeable about IRA investing.

  •  Chinese Panda coins
  •  Israel Tower of David coins
  •  French Napoleon coins
  •  South African Krugerrand coins
  •  Switzerland Vreneli coins
  •  United Kingdom Sovereign coins
  •  USSR Chevronet coins
  •  Somalia Elephant coins
  •  Austrian Corona
  •  U.S. Buffalo Proof coins
  •  Russia's George the Victorious coins
  •  British Britannia coins
  •  Mexican Gold Peso coins
  •  Chilean 100 Peso
  •  Dutch 10 Guilder
  •  French 20 Franc
  •  Italian Lira coins
  •  U.S. Liberty coins
  •  Mexican 50 Peso
  •  South African Krugerrand coins
  •  Swiss 20 Franc

If there is a coin you would like to invest in as part of your IRA that is not listed on this page, check with your preferred precious metals IRA company to see if it is approved for IRA investments. We have compiled a list of precious metals IRA companies and their ratings on this page.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for explaining what is allowed for IRA’s. It’s good to know that collectible coins aren’t allowed in an IRA. It sounds important to know what coins are collectible ones and which ones aren’t, especially if it affects what you get.

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