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Noble Gold
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Noble Gold Review Summary:

You may have not have known this, but Noble Gold Investments was founded by 2 ex-employees at Regal Assets (Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume). For whatever reason, they both decided to leave Regal Assets to create their own company back in 2016. Therefore, what you can expect from this company is a similar experience as Regal Assets, but with a higher emphasis on education and more coin options (unlike Regal, Noble does sell rare coins and collectibles). Noble also offers Texas storage which Regal doesn't. Overall, the company does have great ratings across the board, and we couldn't find anything negative aside from one 2020 complaint on the BBB.

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Noble Gold Pros and Cons


  • Perfect average rating of 5/5
  • Low IRA account minimum of $2,000
  • Collin Plume puts a lot of emphasis on education
  • Exclusive IRS-approved storage in Texas
  • "No-quibble" buyback policy


  • Young brand (only 6 years old)
  • Only "A" rating from the BBB
  • Key founding partner left in 2020
  • Higher premium on exclusive coins

Noble Gold is an online provider of gold IRAs as well as precious metal coins and bars. The company is based in Pasadena, Florida. Unlike competitor Regal Assets, Noble Gold provides IRA custodianship via partners rather than acting as an IRA custodian itself. When it comes to storage of bullion for IRA purposes, Noble Gold has three IRS-approved vaults on offer: in-country in Delaware and Texas, as well as overseas near Ontario, Canada.

When it comes to IRA-approved bullion, Noble Gold offers coins and bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. A selection of rare coins is also offered for non-IRA use. For smart investors looking to stash physical bullion at home for use in an emergency, Noble Gold offers a range of Royal Survival Packs priced from $10,000 to $500,000+.

Noble Gold boasts a robust media presence. Co-founders Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume have both acted online as pundits for the gold and crypto IRA industries. The Noble Gold website and Twitter account are up-to-date and show veteran expertise in precious metals. 400+ online customer reviews for Noble Gold achieve a perfect total score of 5/5.

Precious metals IRAs are one of two main Noble Gold investments available. A sister company Noble Bitcoin provides cryptocurrency IRAs.

Company Background and Philosophy

Noble Gold Background

Noble Gold was founded in 2016 by Collin Plume and Charles Thorngren in Florida. Charles left the firm in November 2020, whilst Collin continued as CEO. The company has in the region of 30 employees working out of its old Pasadena location.

Noble Gold Philosophy

‘Noble Gold was founded because we were tired of the unsavory practices in our industry. We never hard-sell.’ The company sets a high moral bar. This is easy to do in theory. But in practice? Investors will be pleased to learn that, barring 3 complaints in 3 years, 400+ customer reviews overwhelmingly bear out Noble Gold’s claim to be the good guys in the gold IRA industry. The firm’s no-quibble buyback program is evidence that Noble Gold offers an ethical service.

Screenshot from Noble Gold website.Source: Noble Gold


Noble Gold Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints (2022)

From a total of 403 reviews on 5 websites, Noble Gold achieves a perfect average rating of 5/5.

Reviewers consistently praise the quality of customer service and the ease of setting up a Noble Gold IRA.



  • Better Business Bureau: A
  • Business Consumer Alliance: BB


  • Better Business Bureau: 2 complaints in 3 years
  • Business Consumer Alliance: 1 complaint in 3 years

Online complaints lodged against Noble GoldSource: Noble Gold profile on Trustlink

Noble Gold Management Team

Noble Gold CEO and Founder Collin Plume

Professional portrait of Noble Gold founder, Collin Plume

Collin began his career in real estate sales. After almost 6 years as an advisor with gold IRA provider Regal Assets, Collin had a brief spell in digital marketing before taking up the position of CEO at Noble Gold in 2016. Since April 2021, Collin is also CEO of My Digital Money

As something of a thought leader in the gold and crypto IRA industries, Collin has 13,000 followers on LinkedIn. His name crops up on the internet giving interviews and opinion pieces, like this Investing News video in which he talks about 2021 silver prices. Collin has previously remarked:

As I finally settled in on my true passion of precious metals investments I realized the key to financial freedom is having diversification with tangible investments.”


Noble Gold Co-Founder Charles Thorngren

Portrait of Noble Gold executive Charles ThorngrenCharles Thorngren co-founded Noble Gold in 2016 with Collin Plume. Like Collin, he has a robust presence online as a precious metals expert. Charles left Noble Gold and took the helm of Legacy Precious Metals Investments as CEO in November 2020. See Charles’ LinkedIn page here.

Mr. Thorngren brought to the company more than two decades' worth of professional experience in the investing space, with particular expertise in precious metals. Based on our research, Charles appears to be something of a thought leader within his field. To date, he has published dozens of articles in his name on the precious metals economy and investing space, many of which can be found on Noble Gold's blog.

Noble Gold Sign-up

You can sign up with Noble Gold online straight away by filling out a simple online form. Noble Gold will get back to you by phone to confirm your details. The firm pledges to begin setting up your IRA account with a partner custodian within 24hrs. 

You will be emailed your new self-directed IRA account number. You can then choose from Noble Gold’s selection which coins and bars you want to buy for your IRA. IRS-approved storage will then be arranged via the Noble Gold Fortress program at whichever vault you prefer.

Noble Gold Coins and Bars

Bullion is sold in three formats by Noble Gold:

  1. IRA-approved coins and bars struck from gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  2. Non-IRA Royal Survival Packs of bullion for home use or vault storage
  3. Non-IRA rare coins

Noble Gold IRA-Approved Gold 

As well as providing high-quality photographs of the front and back of their coins, Noble Gold illustrates online how the coins are packaged for storage and distribution. With each coin, you can click on the brief description to access a whole page of background information.

There are four types of gold coins available, with the American Eagle available in proof versions as well.

  1. American Gold Eagle
    American Gold Eagle (Proof)
    American Gold Eagle (4 Piece Set Proof )
  2. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  3. Austrian Gold Philharmonic
  4. Australian Gold Kangaroo

Additionally, four types of gold bars are available:

  1. Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar 
  2. Pamp Suisse 100gm Gold Bar
  3. Perth Mint 1oz Gold Bar
  4. Johnson Mattey Gold Bar (1 kg.)

Gold American Eagle coin(American Gold Eagle available from Noble Gold

Struck in 22 karat gold, Noble Gold suggests that the American Gold Eagle, shown above, is “America’s most beautiful in the history of the country.” The head (front) of the coin features an engraving of Lady Liberty holding a torch and an olive branch. The tail (back) of the coin shows an eagle with an olive branch in its beak. The American Gold Eagle is available from Noble Gold in various face values ($5, $10, $25, and $50). 

Coin collectors might favor the proof versions of the American Eagle available. Proof coins are specially minted for non-circulation and are generally more expensive than normal bullion coins. IRA investors should stick to the bullion versions, as the amount of bullion is the same in bullion and proof versions. Want to learn more? Check out our guide to IRA-approved gold coins and bars.

American Coin Eagles coins available in protective casing(American Gold Eagles available from Noble Gold

Noble Gold IRA-Approved Silver 

A small selection of IRA-approved silver and other silver coins is available:

  1. 1oz American Silver Eagle
  2. 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  3. 1oz Australian Silver Kangaroo
  4. 1oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic
  5. 5oz America The Beautiful Silver
  6. 1kg Australian Silver
  7. 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round

A single silver bar is also available:

  1. 5oz Highland Mint Silver Bar


Silver coin featuring Queen Elizabeth II on its face(Silver Maple Leaf available from Noble Gold

A popular choice of IRA-approved silver coin, the silver Maple Leaf is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint to a level of 99.99% purity. The front features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The back features the beautiful maple leaf design, with coins struck post-2014 also having microscopic security engravings. This coin is available with Noble Gold at a face value of $5 CAD, which equates to 1oz of pure silver.

There are plenty of other silver investment products available to IRA account holders. Check out our guide to IRA-approved silver coins and bars.

Noble Gold IRA-Approved Platinum 

Two platinum coins and one type of platinum bar are available:

  1. American Platinum Eagle coin
  2. 1oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coin
  3. Baird & Co Platinum Bars (1oz and 10oz)

Noble Gold IRA-Approved Palladium 

One palladium coin and one type of palladium bar are available:

  1. Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coin
  2. 1oz Credit Suisse Palladium Bar

Premium Coins vs Standard Bullion Coins – Understanding the Difference

Having a self-directed IRA is an excellent retirement strategy. That being said, which IRA-eligible coins to include in your IRA account can prove a difficult decision given the number of available coins on the market. Before making any decisions, it’s helpful to understand the main difference between these two types of coins.

Premium Coins

Premium coins are deemed semi-numismatic because although being IRA-approved, these types of coins are part of a collectible series issued by mints. Because of their limited circulation, often some companies choose to charge a much higher premium. However, it’s important to note that premium coins contain the same purity as standard bullion coins.

Standard Bullion Coins

The American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the Austrian Philharmonic are all examples of standard bullion coins. Ultimately, standard bullion coins are the better investment because are 99.99% pure and are sold at a much lower price than premium coins that often have a mark-up because of limited circulation. For many investors, these types of coins prove the perfect fit for a gold IRA.

Below is a comparison chart to give you a better understanding of the available types of coins.

 BullionProof & Uncirculated coinsCollectibles/Numismatics
IRA Eligible?YesSomeNo
Highest Purity Level?YesYesNo
Limited Edition and/or Scarcity Factor?NoYesYes
High Finishing Quality & Detail?*NoYesSome
Easy to Sell/Liquidate AnywhereYesNoNo
Premium Over Spot When Buying?LowMediumHigh
What you can expect to sell them for?Close to spot price. Usually no or little premium.Spot price + premium based on rarity/age/demand for your coinsSpot price (if they contain some precious metals) + premium based on rarity/age/demand and other factors
Where can you sell them?Anywhere, since these bullion coins are recognized and trusted worldwide. However they'll probably only give you spot price. Anywhere, but original dealer would likely be the best place if you want to recoup premium. Others might only give you spot price. Ebay is also a good option if you have rare and highly sought after coins.Antique stores, coin shops, collectors' markets, eBay.

Noble Gold Royal Survival Packs

You may already have your IRA strategy fixed up. However, you may rather want to get your hands on some additional bullion to give you and your family greater security in the event of a national disaster. In that case, Noble Gold has got your back with its unique Royal Survival Packs.

There are 7 distinct bullion packs available. Each features a different level of investment, ranging from Knight ($10,000) to Ambassador ($500,000+). Personally, we find these to be worthwhile, beginner-friendly additions to precious metals IRAs as they include various protections to customers. 

List of investment tiers offered by Noble Gold's Royal Survival Packs programSource: Noble Gold

Noble Gold makes it fairly easy to manage your Royal Survival Pack with two options:

  1. With the Noble Express service, you can have your pack mailed to your door fully insured and under plain cover. It is then yours to stash away as you see fit.
  2. With the Noble Fortress service, you can have your pack stored in a secure vault. Noble Gold offers storage with reputable firm International Depository Services (IDS). In-country, you can have your Royal Survival Pack stored at the IDS vault in New Castle, Delaware. Or you can opt for overseas storage in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.    

Noble Gold Rare Coins

Gold and silver rare coins are available from Noble Gold. The IRS considers rare coins to be ‘collectibles’. Along with fine art, antiques, gems, and stamps, rare coins are therefore not permitted for use in IRAs. However, this is certainly a huge selling point for fans of unique or rare coins because many of Noble Gold's top competitors do not have these coins on offer. 

Noble Gold IRS-Approved Vault Storage

Noble Gold offers in-country and overseas IRS-approved storage. Via a partnership with International Depository Services (IDS), you can have your Noble Gold bullion stored:

  1. In-country: New Castle, Delaware
  2. In-country: Dallas, Texas
  3. Overseas: Mississauga, Canada (Greater Toronto) 

Noble Gold says it is the only company to offer IRS-approved precious metals storage in Texas. 

Photo of Dallas, Texas skylineSource: Noble Gold

All Noble Gold storage facilities are:

  1. Segregated rather than co-mingled. This means you get back exactly what bullion items you put into a vault, rather than identical examples of your coin/bar.
  2. Approved by COMEX/CME, LBMA, and ICE.
  3. Insured by Lloyds of London.

Noble Gold Fees

Noble Gold Service Noble Gold Fee
IRA Set Up Free
IRA Management $80 per year
Bullion Storage in an IRS-approved Vault $150 for segregated storage in Texas, Canada, or Delaware
Custodianship of your IRA Depends on provider


Noble Gold Account Minimum

You will need to invest at least $2,000 to open a precious metals IRA with Noble Gold. This low investment threshold compares very favorably to the high $25,000 account minimum stipulated by rival Goldco, for example. (Under IRS rules, the maximum you can invest per year in your IRAs is $6,000 if you are under 50 years of age and $7,000 if you are over 50 years old.)

Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs, which feature non-IRA precious metals for emergency purposes, start at $5,000. In our books, this is a huge selling point since virtually all other vendors have higher capital requirements.

Noble Gold IRA Custodians

Unlike rival Regal Assets, Noble Gold does not act as a custodian for your gold IRA account. The company works with partners Equity International/New Direction IRA to provide custodianship. Note that separate fees may apply to these partners.

Having a custodian for your IRA is a legal requirement. ‘Custodianship’ means that a company is responsible for administering the IRA so that it stays within IRS rules. 

Noble Gold IRA Rollovers and Transfers

As with most gold IRA providers, Noble Gold will manage the rollover or transfer of funds from your existing retirement planning account. Noble Gold can help you decide which of a rollover or a transfer is suitable for your individual tax position. No fee is charged for this service. Learn more about IRA rollovers with our in-depth guide to funding your IRA.

Noble Gold Website

The Noble Gold website is easy to navigate and easy on the eye. It offers plenty of relevant information on the bullion available as well as how the IRA process works. There is an insightful blog dedicated to precious metals topics, as well as helpful FAQs.

Noble Gold Blog

A blog that is up-to-date is a sure sign of a company that is on the ball. In this regard, Noble Gold does not disappoint. A post is published on the Noble Gold blog each week. The company covers topics relevant to gold IRAs like government financial policy, the impact of the pandemic, the economy, and the global precious metals markets. The articles are short and to-the-point, making them easy to read.

Screenshot of Noble Gold blogSource: Noble Gold

Noble Gold in the News

It is always reassuring for an investor when a company has a high media profile. Although it is no guarantee of quality service, a strong media presence shows that a company is taken seriously. Noble Gold has been asked to comment on precious metals, crypto, and IRAs by a number of prestigious media outlets. Below, we’ve provided links to media sources profiling Noble Gold.

Screenshot from Noble Gold's In the News blog sectionSource: Noble Gold

Much of this material dates to pre-2019. But we're still quite impressed by the authority shown here. The management and staff behind Noble Gold seem to have a strong command of knowledge when it comes to the gold and crypto markets.

On the whole, we're impressed with what Noble Gold offers on its website. With that said, we're a little disappointed in the lack of a live chat facility, and the price of their bullion is, unfortunately, only available on request.

Noble Gold Customer Education

Free Noble Gold Gold and Silver Guide Mailed to your Home

Self-directed IRAs can be daunting to the newcomer. So, like many responsible IRA providers, Noble Gold provides a free guide to precious metals investing. In fact, this is a key pillar of Noble Gold's customer experience. With Noble Gold, you truly feel as though you're being “shown the ropes” so to speak, so that you not only invest in an IRA-compliant manner, but also responsibly and safely. 

Free educational kits are mailed directly to your home. In applying for this freebie, there is no obligation to sign up with Noble Gold — but you will have to supply some personal contact details.

Screenshot of sign-up page on Noble Gold websiteSource: Noble Gold

Noble Gold Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some FAQs from IRA providers can be sketchy on the details. But Noble Gold provides clear and detailed information without getting too complicated. Below, we've shown an example of the kinds of questions that Noble Gold answers in their FAQ section.

FAQ section on Noble Gold's websiteSource: Noble Gold

Why Get a Gold IRA with Noble Gold?

A gold IRA is right for investors who want to steer clear of traditional investment options. Gold IRA investors value the security of owning real physical precious metals in uncertain economic times whilst still gaining tax advantages: you don’t pay tax on profits when it comes to selling your gold, and you don’t pay tax on the money you invest in your gold IRA. With Noble Gold, you can do all of this within a low-risk, easy-to-use investment system. Noble Gold invests in your education, and ensures that all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted, so to speak. Plus, they offer rare coins that other companies don't. 

Remember that a diversified portfolio is the best way to keep your retirement income safe. A gold IRA should only form one part of your IRA holdings, so make sure you don't put all of your eggs in the same basket. Ensure that gold is one of many asset classes you have covered.

Fortunately, Noble Gold IRAs allow you to invest in stocks, ETFs, real estate, start-ups, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and foreign currency in order to diversify your holdings and protect your wealth. A well-diversified IRA, such as those offered by Noble Gold, is also a great way to anchor your retirement in proven hedges against inflation. 

Is Noble Gold Right for You?

Noble Gold is not alone in the industry in providing a fairly small selection of IRA coins and bars. Having said that, the most popular choices of IRA gold and silver coins are covered (and there are not that many IRS-approved coins anyway). The firm also has a selection of rare, non-IRA coins for sale that makes this company particularly unique in its field. But investors seeking a massive range of non-IRA bullion options might want to consider going elsewhere, since Noble's selection of rare coins is somewhat limited.

In my opinion, Noble Gold is suitable for five types of investors in particular:

  1. If you're a beginner who needs clear, succinct information on precious metals IRA investing. Noble Gold’s candid approach gives it to you straight. The website features up-front information about fees and in-depth FAQs. The firm’s no-nonsense buyback program confirms its commitment to fair dealings, and its staff is friendly and helpful.
  2. If you are on a low budget, Noble Gold’s minimum investment requirement of $2,000 is perfect. This is among the lowest minimums available in the industry and may appeal to younger investors.
  3. If you have a high investment budget, Noble Gold’s flat fee structure makes sense too. With annual fees of $230 including storage – regardless of how much you invest – higher investments are penalized relatively less.
  4. For investors wanting to get their hands on a stash of real bullion for use in emergencies, Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs make for a convenient innovation.
  5. Based in Texas and want your bullion stored close to home? Noble Gold is the only IRA provider with access to the IRS-approved vault in Dallas, Texas.

Before you sign up with any gold IRA provider, be sure to review the competition with our review list of top 2022 providers. Always contact multiple IRA providers before settling on a company. Personally, I recommend giving three or four different companies a call and seeing which one aligns best with your goals and values.

Contact Us if You Represent Noble Gold

At Gold IRA Guide, we strive to give our readers the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Please contact us here if you are a representative of Noble Gold and would like to provide updates on your service.


Noble Gold Review Summary

You may have not have known this, but Noble Gold Investments was founded by 2 ex-employees at Regal Assets (Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume). For whatever reason, they both decided to leave Regal Assets to create their own company back in 2016. Therefore, what you can expect from this company is a similar experience as Regal Assets, but with a higher emphasis on education and more coin options (unlike Regal, Noble does sell rare coins and collectibles). Noble also offers Texas storage which Regal doesn't. Overall, the company does have great ratings across the board, and we couldn't find anything negative aside from one 2020 complaint on the BBB.

Phone: (877) 646-5347

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
Rated 5 stars

One comment

    • Quality
    • Customer Support
    • Pricing & Fees
    • Rated 5 stars

    I give Noble Gold a 100% for customer support because they have always answered my requests immediately whether it was through email or phone. Other two companies I called took up to 48 hours to respond to me but Noble always responded right away and had a gold IRA specialist available when I needed them during business hours. Colin Plume was very helpful and has a lot of experience in this industry. I was initially tempted to go with a home storage setup but they convinced me to store safely in Texas instead which is not too far from where I live anyways so it worked out. A+ company

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