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Gold IRA Guide's mission is to provide you all the information investors and retirees need when it comes to precious metal investing. We believe that buying gold & silver through your IRA or 401k is one of the best ways to invest in this asset class, due to the tax-saving component. Whether you're interested in gold coins, pure minted bars, EFTs or stocks in gold mining companies, you will find the information you need on this website to get started on the right foot. Follow us on Google+ now!

About The Team


wdcrowderWesley D. Crowder, Senior Editor. Wesley is an American published author with decades of experience in financial writing and a true passion for gold and silver investing. His areas of expertise also include economics, alternative investing, international relations, world economy, online trading and IRA/Retirement investing. (View David' posts)

christChris Thomas, Senior Editor.
 Chris has extensive experience in asset allocation and portfolio diversification. Before joining the Gold IRA Guide team, he has been writing for major financial portals on both print and web. Chris has over 20 years of experience as a financial author.  (View Chris' posts)

Contact: cthomas@goldiraguide.org

ginodalessioGino D'Alessio, author. Gino has over 20 years experience as a Trader/Broker in financial markets, particularly in Bonds, FX, Derivatives and Futures, extensive knowledge of Stock Markets. He also obtained CAIA Charter in April 2015.

mpanznerMichael Panzner, author. Michael J. Panzner is a 30-year Wall Street veteran and the author of three books, including Financial Armageddon, which predicted the 2008 global financial crisis. Michael enjoys covering current news and geo-political events that affect the markets and American investors. (View Michael's posts)


David Robles, author. David has a bachelor in Economics and an extensive financial background. He is CFP® professional which means that he is an expert in investment and retirement planning. David specializes in analyzing current world events and helping people make the right investment move at the right time. (View Chris' posts)

Contact: drobles@goldiraguide.org

peterfastPeter Fast, author. Peter is a financial analyst that specializes in Macroeconomic trends and market analysis. He obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. He subsequently worked in the finance industry for many years. His writing has been featured in several online and print financial publications.

Contact: pfast@goldiraguide.org

NicholasNicolas Sandles, author: Nick has been writing for us since 2012. He has a degree in mathematics and a real passion for investing and politics. He specializes in portfolio analysis and providing tips on how to protect a retirement portfolio in an unstable economic landscape. (View Chris' posts)

Contact: nsandles@goldiraguide.org


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Would you like to write content for us? We are always on the lookout for talented financial professionals with a passion for precious metals and retirement investing. Use the contact form to submit your application along with an article idea. We are always open to publish quality posts about investing, precious metals and finance in general. As long as your article meets our quality guidelines, we will post it within a few days and share it on all our social media profiles.