Nick Sandles

Nick Sandles

Nick has been writing for Gold IRA Guide since 2012. He has a degree in mathematics and a real passion for investing and politics. He specializes in portfolio analysis and providing tips on how to protect a retirement portfolio in an unstable economic landscape.

Should You Add Palladium to Your IRA?

Palladium bullion first became an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved investment asset in 1997, after the United States Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act. Since that time, palladium coins and bars that meet minimum purity requirements are approved for inclusion…

Last Call for Gold Contrarians

As the king of natural resources Rick Rule states, “When it comes to resource investing you’re either a contrarian or you’re a victim.” This dichotomy is the brutal truth of resource investing, because if you want to make money in…

Obama’s myRA Retirement Plan a Sham

Unveiled during his State of the Union address this week, President Obama heralded the “myRA” retirement plan as a way to help 39 million households get started on a “lifetime of savings”.   Don’t fall for it — this is…

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