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BitIRA Review

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BitIRA Review Summary:

BitIRA provides its clients with a number of useful features. The company offers industry-leading security, an exceptional range of cryptocurrency choices, and stand out reporting capabilities. With the BitIRA portal's advanced currency exchange capability, customers will find they can switch back and forth between the range of digital assets offered with ease.

On this page we will consider a Cryptocurrency IRA company BitIRA that is a subsidiary of a prominent gold IRA company and bullion dealer. BitIRA prides itself on being a full-service provider like Regal Wallet or BitcoinIRA. They also offer extensive reporting capabilities on their platform and easy online currency conversions that their rivals do not.

Company Information & Background

BitIRA was established in the year 2017 by well known Precious Metals IRA and bullion dealer the Birch Gold Group. The firm had a goal of assisting investors in coming up with superior options for establishing Bitcoin IRA accounts. Birch Gold offers its clients over 100 years of proven experience in adding alternative assets to the IRA accounts of their clients.

In the last few years, they have focused on becoming one of the leaders in setting up Cryptocurrency IRA accounts and managing them. The company's efforts have paid off with great results. Both the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance have awarded their most prestigious ratings to the Birch Gold Group/BitIRA.

Several features of the company's website set them apart from their competitors. BitIRA does not charge fees for selling currencies, something that many of their rivals do. The company's reporting capabilities are also significant. You are even able to access a complete history of all transactions run through the IRA account on their online platform.

This detailed level of reports is an advantage that they have over competitor BitcoinIRA. It is also easy to exchange cryptocurrencies on BitIRA's online portal. These screenshots below show the reporting and transacting capabilities with their platform:

BitIRA Management

BitIRA does not share much information about the makeup of its management team. Andy Klein is a key figure with both the Birch Gold Group and BitIRA. He fills the role of Director of Strategic Planning for both companies. Klein has also served as Birch Gold Group's marketing director from 2011. He holds a noteworthy position as a Forbes Finance Council member from 2018. Before Andy Klein began working for BitIRA and Birch Gold, he held the position of marketing director at U.S. Tax Shield.

BitIRA Account Opening Process

BitIRA makes it a point to go the extra mile in working with clients to set up a new Cryptocurrency IRA. Their IRA department is staffed by company employees who work closely as an interface between their customers and the important account custodians. BitIRA has dealt with the key players in this field like Fidelity, Merrill Lynch, and Edward Jones, among others.

The company utilizes some of the leaders in the industry to help it with other important areas involved in the account process. These include asset purchasing, custodial management, security protocols, digital currency storage, and real-time trading. The key custodian that handles all of their client accounts is Preferred Trust Company.

BitIRA Company's Bitcoin Storage

BitIRA takes seriously the storage arrangements for customer cryptocurrencies. The firm states that it utilizes the maximum level of security with the digital wallets that hold client currencies. One feature they offer that most of their competitors do not is a seamless insurance coverage for all of the company and client assets stored with them. They utilize offline and cold storage as part of their safety procedures and require multi-sig authentication from clients.

The firm goes the extra mile by registering itself with the U.S. government. They also voluntarily participate in regulatory oversight procedures. While this oversight is common in other industries, it is not required yet for Bitcoin IRA companies. It is another feature we like about BitIRA and their commitment to transparency and safety.

BitIRA Company Products

BitIRA makes it a point to offer a large range of the IRA-permitted cryptocurrencies for you to invest in with this account. You can select from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and Z Cash. The variety offered is as good as or better than BitIRA's competitors. Your account with them permits you to trade and invest in the largest digital assets around the globe, all from the convenience of this one Digital IRA. This is an important consideration when choosing such a company.

BitIRA Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Below we provide a list of ratings and reviews that you can access on the best trusted consumer reporting sites and ratings agencies. By clicking on the links provided, you can read the full details of the reviews and any complaints.

  • BCA Rating: AAA (details)
  • BCA Complaints: 0 Complaints (details)
  • BBB Rating: A+ (details)
  • BBB Complaints: 7 Complaints (details)
  • Complaint Board: None Listed
  • Yelp:  (5/5based on 7 reviews (details)
  • TrustLink:  (5/5based on 106 reviews (details)
  • Yellow Pages:  (5/5based on 35 reviews (details)
  • CitySearch: Profile (details)
  • Google+: N/A
  • TrustPilot: (4.5/5based on 27 reviews (details)
  • Facebook:  Profile (details)

These reviews signify that BitIRA has almost as high a ranking from the most important consumer review agencies as the leader in the industry Regal Wallet.

In summary: BitIRA offers industry-leading security, an exceptional range of cryptocurrency choices, and stand out reporting capabilities. This is why it is one of the highest ranked companies in our Top Bitcoin IRA firms list for 2020.

BitIRA Contact Information

  • Address: Central Park Building, 3500 W. Olive Ave., Suite 730 Burbank, CA 91505
  • Phone: 800-299-1567
  • Website:

Key Pages from the BitIRA Company Website

Below are important web pages from BitIRA's website. This information will help you to understand the company better.

Review All Bitcoin IRA Options Before Investing

It is crucial to consider and research all of the possible reputable options before you make a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency purchase with your IRA investing strategy. You deserve to feel completely confident in the company with which you are entrusting your IRA accounts and money. Buying bitcoins for your IRA is an important decision. You can read the full reviews of other companies here.

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Pros of BitIRA

  • Advanced reporting capabilities make it easy to track account progress and a full past transaction list.
  • BitIRA allows clients to trade in 8 of the largest and most important digital assets available.
  • The company's commitment to account security and transparency means clients can be assured that their digital assets are in good hands.

Cons of BitIRA

  • BitIRA does not clearly spell out their costs and fees for this account on their website.

BitIRA Review Summary

BitIRA provides its clients with a number of useful features. The company offers industry-leading security, an exceptional range of cryptocurrency choices, and stand out reporting capabilities. With the BitIRA portal's advanced currency exchange capability, customers will find they can switch back and forth between the range of digital assets offered with ease.


Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
Rated 5 stars
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    August 9, 2019 at 6:21 pm
    • Quality
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    • Rated 5 stars

    I enjoyed my experiencing rolling over my IRA to cryptocurrencies with BitIRA. The only thing I’d say is that the prices are a bit high but I shopped around and called Regal Assets and BitcoinIRA and they were all similar in pricing so I went with BitIRA just because I felt comfortable with the person on the phone more. They were very knowledgable and helped answer all my beginner questions. As I said, prices a bit steep for their Bitcoin IRA product, but that’s what you’ll get with any other company. Choose one that takes the time to guide you and explain everything to you without being pushy or aggressive over the phone. That’s my 2 cent

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