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Guide to Selling Gold and Silver

  Selling gold and silver can be profitable, but you must take precautions and understand several crucial elements before getting started. At Gold IRA Guide, we’ve created a comprehensive walkthrough so you can feel comfortable selling your gold and silver.…

7 Reasons to Invest in Silver in 2021

It’s no secret that silver is a white-hot commodity these days. The price of silver currently sits at $26.15 per troy ounce as of mid-July 2021. Considering that the silver spot price hovered around $18 an ounce last January, we’re…

Silver Cycles: Everything You Need To Know

After a couple of underperforming years, silver prices have surged as of late. Given these extraordinarily uncertain times, it is unsurprising that savvy investors are turning to silver and gold ownership as a hedge against the turmoil. The silver market…

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