Royal Canadian Mint, In Coordination With California-Based GSI Exchange Release The 2020 Silver Bull Coin

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Last Updated on: 12th November 2019, 03:14 pm

The Royal Canadian Mint has collaborated with prominent coin and precious metals company, GSI Exchange, to release the hotly anticipated, 2020 Silver Bull Coin. The mint, for the initial sale of the Silver Bull, has granted the Calabasas California-based dealer exclusive rights. Given that the coin will be limited edition, there has already been substantial interest from investors and collectors alike.

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The Coin Features An Aquitaine Bull, Designed be Renowned Canadian Artist Stephen Hepburn

 Containing 1.5 oz.’s of .9999 fine silver with a face value of $8 CAN, the reverse of the coin features a design by famous Canadian artist, Stephen Hepburn. Hepburn chose to depict a powerful Aquitaine Bull on the reverse of the coin.

“The Aquitaine Bull has been valued by farmers as long ago as the Middle Ages in the French Aquitaine District. U.S. and Canadian ranchers began discovering the breed in the early 1970s, and quickly embraced its easygoing and hardy nature, and its ability to forage on rocky or sparse terrain. The Blonde Aquitaine Bull is a moderate-sized breed that delivers excellent returns due to its high growth rate, lean muscling, and calving success. It's an enduring and dependable breed that promises to build a momentum of optimism and confidence well into the 21st century,” the Royal Canadian Mint explained in a statement Hepburn’s design choice.

This isn’t the first time Hepburn has undertook coin designs for the mint. Previously, the artist designed two of the 2007 $25 Sterling Silver Hologram Coins – Curling and Ice Hockey, respectively. Based in British Columbia, the artist is famous for his oil paintings. In addition to working with the Royal Canadian Mint, Hepburn has illustrated four postage stamps for Canada Post. He’s also been commissioned by the Vancouver Opera, Portland Opera, and Calgary Opera to design their respective seasons.

Many Experts Believe Silver Is Undervalued

 The price of silver is in a distinct upward trajectory, but many experts believe that the precious metal is undervalued. The gold-silver ratio constitutes the number of ounces of silver required to purchase one ounce of gold.


 In a recent article examining what investors should know about the silver spot price, Dr. Jeremy Britton, CFO of Boston Coin explained the gold-silver ratio:

“Due to more recent concerns over currency devaluation, trade wars, US-debt accumulation and possible hyperinflation of the $US, gold prices have increased rapidly in the past two decades, leaving silver far behind. At current prices, gold is seeing ratios of 80:1 or even 90:1, far out of alignment with its 5000-year historical precedents. If we consider that 20th century free markets were not insane with a 47:1 ratio, then this leaves only two conclusions: either, a) the gold price could halve from its current pricing (unlikely), or b) the current silver price could soon double (more likely).”

Dr. Britton went on to assert that it was his belief that silver is undervalued at present.

“If the ancient Romans, ancient Egyptians, and modern geologists are correct, ‘silver could soon be over $100/ounce.’ In 2019, investors seem to be leading the market away from inflationary paper currency towards ‘true value'. Whether the new scarce commodity will be gold, silver or bitcoin remains to be seen. It is my view that silver is massively undervalued right now, relative to its scarcity, and also relative to centuries and millennia of its historical pricing,” he continued.

Because all signals are pointing to the fact that silver is undervalued, in many respects it represents the more attractive investment choice. In fact, according to findings from a recent survey, 14.7% of the American population owned silver, while 12% owned gold.

The Increased Demand For Silver And Green Technologies

In addition, silver has far more uses than its golden counterpart. Silver is utilized in numerous industrial and medical applications. For instance, the precious metal has been incorporated within the auto industry, used in the construction of solar panels, and even for various nanotechnologies in the medical sector.

An emerging area that will further the need for silver exponentially, is green technologies. A report from last year examining the role of silver in the Green Revolution, emphasized the use of silver in various green technologies:

“The ongoing revolution in green technologies, driven by the mainstream adoption and exponential growth of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and the continued investment in solar photovoltaic energy, should form an increasingly important part of industrial demand for silver in the future.”

The report was released by the Silver Institute (a non-profit international industry association headquartered in Washington, D.C.) and authored by CRU, a global commodities consultancy. Most interestingly, it concluded that through 2030, over 1.5 billion ounces of silver is forecasted to be utilized by green technologies.

The Silver Institute and CPU outlined the vital role that silver will play within green energy, which in turn, could heavily influence its price increase. “Ultimately, as the world increasingly transitions from an energy market dominated by nonrenewable combustibles to one powered by cleaner electricity, silver’s unique electrical and mechanical properties will broaden the precious metal’s already wide range of green technology applications, “ stated the report.

The Silver Bull Coin Is A Metaphorical Representation Of A Bullish Precious Metals Market

The prices of silver and gold are both experiencing an upward trend. The Silver Bull coin is a metaphorical representation of this bullish investment market.

“With a stance as commanding as the bronze bull of Manhattan's Wall Street District, this Aquitaine Bull brings its own breed of economic optimism and strength to this bullion coin. The characteristic upswing of a charging bull's horns symbolizes the rising stock prices of a “bullish” growth investment market. The bull is in direct contrast to the downward slash of a bear's paw during a “bear market” where decreasing stock values warrant caution until the trend reverses,” describes the Royal Canadian Mint.

During times of heightened uncertainty and volatility, be it economic turmoil or geopolitical tensions, gold and silver have historically been regarded as safe-haven assets. Taking into account our current climate of global economic uncertainty, it is unsurprising that more investors are turning to the precious metals.

“We believe this IRA-eligible, investment-grade silver bullion coin is the best opportunity available in today's precious metals market, and silver remains an uncommon investment value at these prices. Brexit indecision, U.S. political volatility, Middle East instability, China's economic challenges, and the Federal Reserves injection of billions of dollars into the Overnight Repo Market are sparking renewed interest in precious metals, a commodity which has historically been the most effective hedge against economic and political uncertainty. The Silver Bull is ready to ride,” explains Anthony Allen Anderson, Senior Partner at GSI Exchange.

The Royal Canadian Mint Implemented A Bullion DNA Process To Its Coins Deter Counterfeiting

 In 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint commenced the implementation of it Bullion DNA process. Each coin, including every Silver Bull coin, is struck with a micro-engraved security mark located on the reverse side. This mark is only visible under magnification and consists of a maple leaf and the last two numerals of the production year of any given coin. Every die used to strike coins is then registered in a database, and then converted into encrypted digital code using the Royal Canadian Mint’s unique digital non-destructive activation (DNA) technology.

The anti-counterfeit protection and limited run, coupled with the fact that it is an IRA-eligible, investment-grade silver bullion coin, explains why the 2020 Silver Bull has garnered so much interest.

“The ‘Silver Bull' has quickly become our most popular coin release in recent memory, and supplies are very scarce. We are very lucky to have been chosen by the Royal Canadian Mint to be the first retailer to offer these coins to our clients,” said Anderson.

IRA-Eligible Coins Can be Included In An IRS-Approved Silver IRA

 Considering that precious metals like silver and gold are enjoying a bullish market, silver coins are an excellent investment choice to include in a diversified portfolio. Bother silver coins and silver bars are means by which investors can add silver bullion into a Silver IRA. For those who are interested, learn more about IRA-approved silver.







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