Liam Hunt

Liam Hunt

Liam Hunt, M.A., is a financial writer and analyst covering global finance, commodities, and millennial investing. His coverage has been featured in publications such as the New York Post, Forbes, and Barron's.

When Is The Best Time to Invest In Gold?

Although gold has strong growth potential—after all, the commodity saw gains of +28% in 2020—the yellow metal is rarely sought after for this reason. For centuries, investors have coveted gold mainly for its properties as an inflation hedge and a…

What Is A Troy Ounce & How Is It Different?

If you have any experience buying gold, silver, or platinum-class metals, you’ve probably noticed that exchange markets list bullion prices by the troy ounce rather than a U.S. customary ounce. If you’re wondering what the former is, you aren’t alone.…

How to Invest for Retirement With Mutual Funds

There are many reasons why a savvy investor should look to mutual funds to supplement their portfolio. However, retirement-oriented investors are primed to benefit the most from these alternative investment funds. In 2018, mutual funds constituted half of all financial…