Gino D'Alessio

Gino D'Alessio

Gino has over 20 years experience as a Trader/Broker in financial markets, particularly in Bonds, FX, Derivatives and Futures, extensive knowledge of Stock Markets. He also obtained CAIA Charter in April 2015.

Gold may be near bottom for three reasons

  Research shows extreme level of overbought Sundial Capital Research has put together a report that shows the US dollar has not been this overbought for 30 years. It uses the Z-Score to compare the different currencies in the basket…

Gold Stocks hit lowest levels since 2013

Gold stocks creating scarcity sensation Gold stocks have reached inventory levels at the COMEX exchange that have not been so low since 2013. Inventory on the exchange is now at less than 7 million ounces, a decrease of 30% from…