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Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 09:40 pm

Gold jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement or luxury item—it’s an investment that, if well-maintained, appreciates over time. This is especially true during times of economic turmoil or recessions, when historically gold prices have outperformed conventional financial assets. 

While traditional gifts often depreciate the moment they are received, gold holds the rare promise of appreciation, making it not just a present, but a potential investment in your loved one's future. If you’re looking for a great gold gift idea for the upcoming Christmas and Hannukah season, look no further than those listed below. 

Why Gold Makes a Great Gift

Gold is more than just another commodity; it's been a symbol of wealth and prosperity throughout history. Its intrinsic value comes from its rarity and the considerable demand across various industries, including jewelry, electronics, and even space technology. 

Unlike other gifts that might lose their luster or functionality over time, gold maintains its worth and often increases in value. This is due to several factors:

  • Scarcity: Gold resources are finite, and the cost of mining is rising, which contributes to its value retention over time.
  • Global Currency: Gold is universally accepted and can be sold in virtually any country, ensuring liquidity.
  • Hedge Against Inflation: As a tangible asset, gold traditionally holds up well against inflation and currency devaluation.

Given these factors, gold gifts allow the giver to impart a piece of enduring wealth, which can serve as a financial buffer or investment for the future.

Top Gold Gifts for the Holiday Season

Here are a few golden gift ideas that are perfect for the holidays:

1. American Eagle Gold Coin

An American Eagle gold coin.

The American Eagle gold coin is made with brilliant 22-karat gold and is available in a variety of weight denominations, making the coin uniquely affordable for many Americans. 

These coins are not only made with high-quality gold but also come with the backing of the United States government, ensuring their purity and weight. The American Eagle's iconic design makes it a collector's item as well as an investment piece.

2. Canadian Maple Leaf

A gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin.

Renowned for its .9999 fine gold purity, the Maple Leaf is one of the purest gold coins available. It's a leading choice for collectors and investors alike due to its credibility and recognition worldwide.

Like the other coins and gold bars included in this list, the Canadian Maple Leaf is notable for its eligibility for IRA inclusion. In fact, this gold gift can be added to anyone’s tax-advantaged retirement account—whether it’s a Roth IRA, 457(b) account, or Thrift Savings Plan. 

3. Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

An Australian Kangaroo Nugget coin.

This coin is popular for its unique design and high gold content. It's also a legal tender in Australia, which adds to its credibility and resale value.

4. PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

PAMP is one of the most prestigious Swiss refineries, and its bars are known for their design and security features, including a serial number and certificate of authenticity.

5. Credit Suisse Gold Bars

These bars are revered for their simple elegance and the assurance of the Credit Suisse Bank's reputation, making them a solid investment.

6. Gold Necklace or Ring

Nothing beats a beautiful gold or silver necklace or other piece of jewelry. At least in terms of aesthetics. As an investment, however, there are better options available. This is because jewelry cannot be included in tax-advantaged investment accounts such as self-directed IRAs. 

Other items that cannot be included in an IRA are the following:

  • Memorabilia
  • Alcoholic beverages 
  • Artworks
  • Baseball cards
  • Antiques
  • Collectible coins

Therefore, the items listed above also do not qualify as good gifts. After all, a good gift for the holidays should serve as not only a thoughtful personal item but also a worthwhile investment that appreciates in value over time. 

Why These Gifts Stand Out + Make An Impression

Gold coins and bars are superior to standard gold gifts like jewelry for several reasons:

  • Lower Markups: The price premiums over the spot price of gold for coins and bars are generally lower than the markups for gold jewelry, which includes design and craftsmanship costs.
  • Purity: Investment-grade gold is typically of higher purity than gold used in jewelry, which can be alloyed with other metals.
  • Collectibility: Coins often have a collectible value over and above the gold content, especially limited editions or special releases.
  • Resale Value: Coins and bars are easily recognizable as having a certain weight and purity, which can make them easier to sell at a fair price compared to jewelry, which must be appraised for its gold content and craftsmanship.

The key differentiator is that gold investment products are excellent stores of value. Historically, the spot price of gold has risen in value over time. For example, 3 of the past 10 years have seen the price of gold rise by more than 10 percent within a 12-month span. In the chart below, the dramatic growth potential of gold—as well as its volatility—is on display. 

As of Q4 2023, the price of gold has surpassed $2,000 per ounce. Given that the precious metal traded as low as $1,049 in 2015, the commodity has seen over 90 percent growth in only eight years. These returns rival that of the S&P 500 and other broad stock market index funds. The kicker is that gold is physically useful and can be worn as jewelry, put on display, or collected. 

Choose a Gold Gift That Truly Shines

Gifting gold this holiday season is not just about giving something beautiful; it's about offering a lasting asset that holds the potential to appreciate over time. Whether it's a beautifully minted coin or a sleek gold bar, these gifts carry with them a potential for financial growth and security. They provide a way to celebrate the holiday season with a touch of prosperity, making them an ideal present for loved ones during this festive time of year.

But why stop there? If you’re a long-term investor, consider adding gold, silver, or any other precious metal to your IRA or other registered retirement account. These metals can help diversify your portfolio, manage risk, and even build weather through diverse market conditions. Talk to your qualified financial advisor today to discuss whether gold and other alternative assets suit your investment strategy.

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