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PAMP is the premier global precious metals bullion bar maker based in Switzerland. It is unique from the other manufacturers of silver and gold bars in that it has a worldwide presence. As a core component of the MKS PAMP Group, it benefits from a network of conglomerate offices that are found in all of the globe's important precious metals markets. The Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals verifies the qualify of PAMP's production facilities and process. They use independent sworn assayers to review the bars. This is what is meant by the words next to PAMP's logo Assayer Fondeur. It assures that all bars are expertly produced with the very highest standards of Swiss engineering at their cutting edge modern refinery. Their products are recognized for their consistent excellence and quality.


PAMP History and Background

Though it was only established back in 1977, PAMP has quickly become the foremost bullion brand in the world. It boasts of commanding positions in the important precious metals markets of the globe. The company is headquartered in Ticino, Switzerland where it runs its state of the art precious metals refining and fabricating operations. The products that PAMP produces are so highly regarded that it also manufactures blanks, coins, and bullion bars for state mints, governments, financial institutions, and banks around the world.

Its parent company is the MKS PAMP Group. This allows it to work hand in glove with MKS of Switzerland. MKS turns out to be one of the world's leading financial services and precious metals companies. Headquartered in Geneva, the group has over 50 years of trading experience. MKS serves primarily institutional investors and handles all functions of both trading and financial natures concerning precious metals. Because of its worldwide footprint, market specialization, and vertical integration, MKS PAMP group provides its customers with access to unrivalled market flow information.

Bar Design

PAMP manufactures a full line of metal bars for all weights, purities, shapes, and sizes in the precious metals group including gold, silver, and platinum. In silver, their cast bars come in 1,000 ounces, kilogram, and 500 grams sizes. The bars feature one line short descriptions. The top line states that it is a product of Switzerland (Suisse). The next line describes the weight of the bar. The third line declares that the bar is silver. Below this the bar states that it is 999 silver purity. The bar carries the PAMP logo and words Essayeur Fondeur beneath that. Finally at the bottom of the silver bars is the precise serial number for that individual bar. Each bar carries its own unique serial number, a distinction that coins do not share.


Bar Specifications

There are three different types of PAMP cast silver bars. The half kilogram size is the smallest and most affordable. Its specifications are as follows:

  • Mass: 500 grams
  • Thickness: 14.5 mm
  • Dimensions: 90 mm x 40 mm
  • Silver Content: .999 fine silver

Regardless of weight or shape, all PAMP Silver Bars carry a fineness of .999 (99.9% silver content).

PAMP Silver Bar Pricing

Silver bars are different from a number of bullion coins. These bars are not treated as legal tender, which means they do not have any face value. Despite this fact, silver bars possess some distinctive benefits that silver coins do not offer when you are interested in owning tangible silver. Bullion bars like the PAMP silver bars are often minted in far lower quantities than with bullion coins. This helps to keep the market costs of the bars much closer to the spot price of silver. It also explains why silver bars are a cost efficient means of acquiring silver.

Market price is what makes the value of assets in an investment or retirement portfolio. Silver prices go up and down each trading day. This causes the price of PAMP Silver Bars to rise and fall on a daily basis as well. You are able to see live precious metals pricing by going to our home page.

Investing in PAMP Silver Bars Through an IRA

The Internal Revenue Service acknowledges the value of precious metals bullion like PAMP silver bars. They do mandate that the bars demonstrate certain requirements in order to be included in your IRA. These special kinds of IRAs are often called precious metals IRAs, which means that bars and coins that the IRS approves of can be included inside. PAMP Silver Bars are allowed to be held in these self-directed IRAs. Silver bars like these are a popular choice because the spot price of silver is significantly less than gold prices. This makes silver a more affordable form of investment insurance.

PAMP Silver Bars successfully fulfill the minimum .999 fineness purity requirements that the IRS code specifies in its 408(b) section. The initial purchases must be minimally $5,000 of silver bullion that qualifies. Additional purchases only have to be $1,000 or more. The IRS also insists that all bars and coins be kept in approved depositories. Such a depository is a third party vault that insures and safeguards your bullion holdings. If you already have an IRA and wish to transfer it over to a precious metals IRA, you can do this easily with an IRA rollover.

PAMP precious metal bars prove to be extremely liquid. It is simple to sell and buy them via coin dealers around the globe. All of their bars have been registered with the major exchanges including the LBMA, APMEX, and COMEX. Once you give the purchase order, your IRA administrator will buy these bars from a bullion dealer who is reputable. They can also purchase them from PAMP in Switzerland directly.

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