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Broad Financial Review Summary:

Though they are an innovative and a commanding leader in the space of Self Directed IRAs, you get the feeling from the single webpage Broad Financial has up on Bitcoin IRAs that this is merely one of their many different IRAs they feature. More noteworthy still, it feels like this probably is not their most popular type of IRA or necessarily an area of great concentration for them. For anyone who wants to keep a wide range of different asset classes in their IRA though, they do offer an unmatched assortment of alternative asset classes from which you can select.

On this page we look at a DIY Crypto IRA company, namely Broad Financial. This company is not a full-service provider like Regal Wallet or BitcoinIRA. You are essentially in charge of handling most of the process yourself. They are a leader in all types of Self Directed IRAs.

Company Information & Background

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA believes that Bitcoin is a potent investing asset. They are proud that their platform makes it possible to include it in your retirement account. The company has a long history of including what have always been considered to be alternative asset classes. This began back in 2004 with their initial founding as a private real estate company that concentrated on developing industrial, retail, and residential real estate holdings on the U.S. East Coast.

By January of 2009, they had made a drastic shift in their focus. They had seen clients lose even 40 percent of their IRA and 401K retirement accounts in the Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession. This was thanks to their focus on the traditional retirement asset classes of stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. This is when Broad Financial decided it was time for them to help clients take back their control of their IRAs. They set a new goal to help people escape from the confines of Wall Street investments and get into promising and positive “alternative asset classes.”

That month Broad Financial developed their system to upgrade traditional IRAs to the self directed variant. This is how their Ultimate Self Directed IRA and Solo 401(k) programs evolved. They finally designed an ultimate app for delivering speed, asset choices, and dexterity in moving into and out of IRA asset classes. They call this the Checkbook Control. Their various products and services are well featured on each of the media outlets shown to the right here:

The idea is that this Checkbook Control IRA delivers unprecedented speed of transfer in IRA accounts by allowing you to make investments by simply writing a check. This saves the traditionally long authorization requirements and annoying paperwork. Investments can be made this way into asset classes as diverse as private businesses, real estate, gold, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, or most any type of asset class. The Checkbook Control also eliminates the asset and transaction fees.

It is this superior structure of pricing that makes Broad Financial's various Self Directed IRAs so appealing. Whether it is with one of their real estate, gold, or Bitcoin IRAs, they do not saddle their customers with transaction and asset allocation fees. They simply levy a single flat-rate charge to cover all the costs of administration and storage. Part of the way they are able to do this is through eliminating the middleman typical custodian to allow you to directly invest in your chosen asset classes. This gives you the additional advantage of avoiding unnecessary counterparty risk, placing you directly in touch with your investments.

Broad Financial does not claim to be the gold IRA leader, as with Regal Assets, nor the Bitcoin and Ether IRA leaders, as with Instead they call themselves the general Self Directed IRA industry leader.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Management Team

Unlike with both Regal Assets-Regal Wallet and Bitcoin IRA, Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA makes it a point to give you an overabundance of information on each of their management team principals. Their three partners in the firm are as follows:

  • Brian Finkelstein
  • Mervyn Klein
  • Daniel Gleich

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA gives you a plethora of information on each of these men. We will consider them each in turn next.

Brian Finkelstein, Partner

Finkelstein arrived at Broad Financial with a vast experience exceeding 25 years working in the worldwide financial markets. He held the roles of Chief Executive Officer and President of Helix Financial Systems, which was owned wholly by Cantor Fitzgerald. There he oversaw the creation of various systems which the company sold to a variety of important financial institutions. Prior to this post, he served as Swiss Banking giant UBS' Managing Director of Global Finance Operations. In this position, he built up the money market and global repo operations into among the most impressive and powerful enterprises on all of Wall Street.

At Broad Financial, Finkelstein has further distinguished himself. He demonstrates conviction of leadership that delivers phenomenal bottom line results. He excels at professionalism that builds up the overall team.

 Mervyn Klein, Partner

Klein developed his career utilizing entrepreneurship and business models that were financially responsible. He held a variety of posts at a range of different companies over the years. While one of the founding principals at Hudson Development LLC, he helped to develop hugely significant commercial projects like the North American Distribution Center for Prada and the New York Distribution Facility for Anheuser-Busch. Since then he has worked as consultant for MK Read and Company. In the capacity of technological business consultant, Klein sat down industry leading firms such as Lucent-Bell Labs with a number of startups that were tech enterprises. This entrepreneurial spirit and drive came with him to Broad Financial.

He excels in efficient operational structuring alongside cutting-edged platforming. This has made it possible for Broad Financial to attain the most admired consumer ratings in the world of the Self Directed IRA retirement universe.

Daniel Gleich, Partner

Daniel's career as an entrepreneur started in his first year of high school where he registered the company DPG. His first venture with DPG was Creditline. This firm assisted consumers with repairing their damaged credit and helping them to open new credit accounts. In his following college years, he proved to be a key driving force behind the startup of Time Equipment Corporation. This time and attendance business became so successful thanks to his operational streamlining and future growth roadmap he set up that the company is still regarded as among the leading time and attendance firms in all of the New York metropolitan area.

Gleich was only getting started. Following his college graduation, he worked as the R.B. Miller & Associates' Managing Director. This real estate group included such impressive client roster names as the McKesson Corporation and the Museum of Modern Art. By 1997, Gleich had founded his long-running partnership with Klein. The pair formed Hudson Development LLC together. Their joint venture concentrated its efforts on industrial and commercial real estate development.

This partnership extended to the formation of Broad Financial. Gleich excels in his operational capacities and exhibits sound and proven principles of management. These have vaulted Broad Financial from early disrupter to present-day role of among the leading three firms in the Self Directed IRA universe.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Opening Process

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA does not go into great detail on its process for opening their Bitcoin Ultimate IRAs. They do say their highly trained sales representatives all possess the specific knowledge necessary to get your new Self Directed IRA account up and running fast. They also detail their elimination of the custodial middleman, meaning that they perform the duties of custodian directly. This does help them to be the “easy choice for self direction” which they claim to be.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA's Bitcoin Storage

Bitcoin storage is a critical issue no matter with which Bitcoin IRA firm you choose to partner. One thing we did not particularly like about Broad Financial is that they do not give out enough specifics on their website for how or where they store the bitcoins in your so-called Ultimate Bitcoin IRA. They do promise to send you all the relevant information when you speak with their customer service representatives or fill in their contact information form on their website. Still, this is weak on details for the company that is among the big three movers in the Self Directed IRA space.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Company Products

The company sells bitcoin along with a wide range of other Self Directed IRA types of products. Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA also allows you to inventory a wide range of alternative asset classes in your Self-Directed, checkbook, gold, real estate, or Bitcoin IRAs. These include alternative investments in private businesses, private loans, and even tax liens. They recommend the Stonefield Tax Lien Fund to those investors who wish to participate directly with a well-established fund which handles only high quality kinds of tax liens.

While the company advertises Bitcoin as one of the alternative investments they handle, they do not say anything about Etherium IRAs or ether investments. It is likely that at time of publication, they did not deal in Ether or any of the other cryptocurrencies beyond industry giant bitcoin yet.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Here is a list of reviews and complaints found on trusted reporting sites & rating agencies. There are links provided which will let you read the reviews in more detail.

  • BCA Rating: AAA (details)
  • BCA Complaints: 0 Complaints (details)
  • BBB Rating: A+ (details)
  • BBB Complaints: 2 Complaints (details)
  • Complaint Board: None Listed
  • Yelp:  (2.5/5) based on 2 reviews (details)
  • TrustLink: Not listed
  • Yellow Pages:  Profile (details)
  • CitySearch: (5.0/5) based on 1 review (details)
  • Google+: Profile (details)
  • TrustPilot: (4.0/5) based on 1 review (details)
  • Facebook:  (4.8 / 5) based on 5 reviews (details)

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA does not have as impressive a batch of ratings as Regal Asset' Regal Wallet, though they are not far behind Regal. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a Triple AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, the only major site they are lacking reviews from is TrustLink. It explains why Regal Assets' Regal Wallet is the top rated of the three reputable Bitcoin IRA companies we reviewed.

In summary: Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA is the third rated company in our Top Bitcoin IRA firms list for 2017. At time of publication, Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA only offered bitcoin of the major cryptocurrencies. Though they are an innovative and commanding leader in the space of Self Directed IRAs, you get the feeling from the single webpage they have up on Bitcoin IRAs that this is merely one of many different IRAs they feature, and probably it is not their most popular one or possibly even an area of great concentration.

Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA Contact Information

Key Pages from Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA's Website

Here are the most important pages from Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA's website. You can read this information to better understand the company.

Review All Bitcoin IRA Options Before Investing

It is crucial to consider and research all of the possible reputable options before you make a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency purchase with your IRA investing strategy. You deserve to feel completely confident in the company with which you are entrusting your IRA accounts and money. Buying bitcoins for your IRA is an important decision. You can read the full reviews of other companies here.

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If you are a representative of Broad Financial Bitcoin Ultimate IRA and would like to get in touch with our reviewers in order to speak about the ratings, then use this contact form.


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Pros of Broad Financial

  • Broad Financial offers a wide range of different types of Self Directed IRAs.
  • They can facilitate and administer numerous alternative assets including bitcoin, tax liens, private business, real estate, gold, and much more.
  • Their size and scope gives them the ability to cut out the custodial middleman, making them an attractive choice in terms of price.

Cons of Broad Financial

  • There is no mention in their company website of any other cryptocurrency options beyond bitcoin.
  • While they offer a flat fee, their Bitcoin IRA charges are still not transparent.

Broad Financial Review Summary

Though they are an innovative and a commanding leader in the space of Self Directed IRAs, you get the feeling from the single webpage Broad Financial has up on Bitcoin IRAs that this is merely one of their many different IRAs they feature. More noteworthy still, it feels like this probably is not their most popular type of IRA or necessarily an area of great concentration for them. For anyone who wants to keep a wide range of different asset classes in their IRA though, they do offer an unmatched assortment of alternative asset classes from which you can select.


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