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RealCrowd Review Review Summary:

RealCrowd delivers on its promise to simplify complicated commercial and multi-family real estate investment deals. They leave you with little to manage except following up on your investments' progress and payouts via the platform dashboard. Investors should be aware of the fact that money they tie up in these types of involved commercial and industrial deals may require as long as ten years to recover the original principal invested.

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  • A totally free to investors crowdfunding service for real estate investments.
  • The checkup on accredited investor status involves a simple questionnaire without difficult proofs or verification.
  • Returns provided by the various forms of commercial and multi-family developments are spelled out upfront in the deal pages.
  • Opportunity to make higher returns than with traditionally available investments.


  • To participate in the crowdfunding process, you must still successfully pass a tough and involved vetting process.
  • The platform is created and intended for highest tier investors in commercial real estate rather than average individuals who want to invest in houses or residential properties.
  • Longer term time frames in these real estate investments make them ill-suited for any individual who requires the liquidity present in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • Investment principal is tied up for as long as from one to ten years with commercial real estate projects and investments.

RealCrowd is on a mission to put online investors together with commercial real estate that is actually professionally managed. Read on to see how and how well they achieve their objectives in this goal.

RealCrowd Intro & Background

The idea behind RealCrowd is to sink your investment dollars into passive real estate investments that produce income actively. As part of this, the company engages institutional companies who manage the real estate investment aggressively on your behalf.

RealCrowd prides itself on putting the incredible income-delivering rewards brought by commercial real estate into the hands of more or less ordinary investors (aside from that finally ending practice of accrediting investors with over a million in assets and $200,000 – $300,000 minimum income per year of prior two years income). Veterans in commercial real estate developed this online platform to give you the means of deciding where you will invest your hard-earned money. RealCrowd works actively to help investors gain access to effective and efficient investments in commercial real estate and to simplify the typically complicated process along the way.

Real Crowd Founder and Management Team

CEO Adam founded two separate nationally known brokerage platforms for joint venture and consulting equity types of investments. Throughout his career, Adam has handled more than $1 billion in transactions in real estate covering a vast range of real estate operators, professionals, investors, lenders, institutional clients, and developers.

CMO Roman served as a partner at Palmer Capital as well as a valuable contributing member of the institutional investments real estate division. He has worked with more than $2 billion in real estate over almost a decade.

CTO JD helps out with part of every task at RealCrowd, from coding and programming, to designing future infrastructure for servers, to creating better business models. He provided leadership to a technology team that had venture capital backing and helped oversee the development of five different social platform games in only a year that enjoyed more than 10 million using individuals.

VP of Engineering Andy Career developed improved software security packages for a variety of companies such as a few different governmental agencies. Thanks to his abilities as a full stack engineer, RealCrowd is able to say with confidence that it provides the highest levels of user experience and security features of any rival.

Real Crowd Loans

The platform only engages in various types of real estate loans and equity stake offerings for commercial and residential development. Among the types of projects that these loans cover are residential developments such as multi-family projects, industrial, retail, and office space projects.

How RealCrowd Works

Thanks to the RealCrowd platform, real estate investors are able to inspect and browse through materials and offerings on real estate investment deals, including due diligence materials and legal documents. You utilize these in order to make engaged and knowledgeable decisions for various offers of this type of investment that is widely hailed as among the most brilliant and effective means of creating wealth around the globe.

U.S. based accredited investors are eligible to participate in these deals and offers at the present time. As of the end of January any U.S. resident investor will be allowed to buy into the lucrative investment opportunities. RealCrowd makes it a deliberate point to never advise nor recommend any type of offer or deal that is on the platform. They are merely hosting the offers. You must engage in your own effective due diligence in order to wisely choose any of these investments. To assist with this, the staff of RealCrowd goes through a minimum level of experience and history of the operators who are posting deals so that you have something to go on when you begin your due diligence homework.

The steps to getting started as an investor are relatively simple:

  1. Set up Your Free Account and Start Browsing Deals – Once your profile is finished you are able to begin viewing the latest investing tips and deals that are posted.
  2. Consider and Contrast Exclusive Commercial Real Estate Investment Deals – The very finest private real estate outfits in America are constantly posting their deals on the platform, looking to partner with smart investors just like you. Such corporations and businesses pay RealCrowd advertising and technology licensing fees for this service. Investors like you do not pay to participate.
  3. Choose Your Investment – There are all sorts of risk versus return investments featured on RealCrowd's platform. Pick the one that best suits your personal goals and invest in it. All of the electronic signatures, communications, and document delivery and storage with your investment partner will be handled by the dashboard on RealCrowd's platform.

Real Crowd Services

  • Educational Services – RealCrowd provides an eight day free email educational series to help you grow into a better real estate investor.
  • Direct Commercial Real Estate Investments – provided in the categories of industrial, office, retail, funds, and multi-family opportunities.
  • Connect Investors and Entrepreneurs – they put real estate companies together with accredited investors to work on exciting real estate investment deals together.
  • Provides Contact Details – for every offering on the platform on the offer page so that you can contact the deal makers themselves.
  • Electronic Signature Execution – every signature is provided electronically and then completely executed e-versions are both stored on your investor dashboard and emailed to your email address.
  • Financial and Tax Documentation – provide these critically necessary documents to you via your RealCrowd investment dashboard.

Real Crowd Locations

The one office that RealCrowd maintains is found in Palo Alto, California at 559 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

Real Crowd Interface Screenshots

Real Crowd Safety

The RealCrowd platform is the safest in the industry thanks to their CTO JD Conley. It runs via the Windows Azure platform, judged to be among the most secure and leading cloud-based services on the entire Internet. Conley served on the Microsoft Advisory Board when the Azure environment was created. Before this he poured years into developing software that was certified by the Department of Defense. The platform goes beyond the call of duty to keep your personal and financial information safe and encrypted in all transmissions and also while stored in their database.

Real Crowd Complaints and Ratings

No Better Business Bureau profile or ratings are available on RealCrowd. We also did not find any significant or valid complaints for them online.

Real Crowd Customer Support

The main customer support that the platform provides comes in the form of education emails that teach you the process and skills of crowdfunding real estate investing. As far as help when you are stuck or have questions goes, the website features email, phone, and contact form support.

RealCrowd Costs & Fees

The platform is completely fee for investors. While RealCrowd charges technology access fees for the operating partners' use of the service, investors are not charged any fees of any kind. This includes no asset management fees, upfront fees, or carried interest fees.

Final Words on Real Crowd

For a totally free service and platform for investors, RealCrowd is hard to beat. They make investing in real estate easy, just like they promise, by automating and handling every aspect of the deal that you enter in with the business partner in question. You are even able to speak with the owner of the business who is raising the funds to ask your questions directly from the source. Customer service may be the weakest point in the platform, but even this is not bad considering that it is a totally free to investors service.

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RealCrowd Review Review Summary

RealCrowd delivers on its promise to simplify complicated commercial and multi-family real estate investment deals. They leave you with little to manage except following up on your investments' progress and payouts via the platform dashboard. Investors should be aware of the fact that money they tie up in these types of involved commercial and industrial deals may require as long as ten years to recover the original principal invested.


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