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Last Updated on: 24th May 2023, 07:22 am

If you were looking for an officially minted Trump gold coin you may be disappointed to know there isn’t one. The U.S. Mint started issuing presidential one-dollar ($1.00) gold coins in 2007. The program started with America’s first president, George Washington. 

Four coins were issued each year, beginning in 2007, by the order in which the presidents served. The last $1 gold coin figured George H.W. Bush. So, you will have to wait for the U.S. Mint to issue Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama gold coins before they get around to America’s 45th president.

President Trump helped spur an expanding economy, reducing taxes and creating an all-time high in job creation. The financial market saw stock prices booming. You may be looking for an investment that also celebrates Trump’s presidency, or simply want to invest in gold that is stackable and easy to store. For that, gold Trump coins are a valid option. 

Are the Trump Gold Coins Real Gold?

Look out for scams or fake solid gold Trump coins. Various websites offer what they claim to be gold Trump coins. Far from being solid gold, these coins are often just lightly plated. But yes, there are real gold Trump coins out there.

Always consider bullion dealers that have track records, the longer they have been around the more reliable they should be. You can also check their rating on the Better Business Bureau website

Trump Gold Coin Worth & Price

As explained below, there are various Trump coins and rounds in circulation issued by third parties. They are, in essence, worth their weight in gold (usually one quarter-ounce). At the time of writing, that's about $500. Since these coins had a limited print run, they are considered rare and will likely appreciate in value as they become more sought after by collectors. For this reason, Trump gold coins that currently sell for $500 to $750 may, in the future, be worth several times their current value.

Rounds & Coins

A little explanation is necessary before we continue. Although we often refer to them as “Trump coins” they are, in reality, Trump rounds. 

When a coin is not minted by a governmental agency they are known as rounds. Whereas coins are issued by a government treasury. Some of these coins are also considered legal tender with a minimum face value. So, when they are issued for circulation they are given a face value.

Whereas rounds are minted by a private company to commemorate an event or person. They have no face value and are not intended as legal tender. They are minted as a way to invest in precious metals. Their value is based on their weight in gold, plus a small markup.

Private Mint Trump Gold Coins

As mentioned earlier, the U.S. Mint does not offer gold Trump coins. However, there are 3 sites offering gold coins or rounds as they are known. Currently, two of these companies are still minting gold Trump coins. However, the first coin we mention would need to be bought or sold on the aftermarket.

  • Money Metals Exchange
  • GovMint

The original Trump coin is a 1oz plated gold Trump round. These coins have a precious metal content of 1oz of gold. However, due to their large size and thickness, they have an alloy interior and are plated in gold.

The coins have a 38mm diameter and are about 1/8 inch thick and plated with 1oz of 24-carat gold. The obverse (front of coin) of the round has an image of Trump. The inscription “45th President of the United States” is at the top, and at the bottom is the inscription “Donald J. Trump”.

The reverse of the coin lists Trump's achievements while in office. And the inscription “Delivering as Promised” at the top, and “One Troy Ounce” at the bottom. As this coin is no longer being minted, you would have to look for it on the aftermarket. Prices are in the range of $2,100.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange is currently offering a ¼ ounce .9999 pure gold Trump coin. This round is of bullion specification, as it is pure gold, but it has a higher value than bullion due to numismatic factors.

The round is 20mm wide, with the image of the 45th president on the obverse, with the inscription “Donald J. Trump”. The reverse of the round has an image of the White House with the inscription “The White House”. 

The cost of the coin may vary as it reflects the current spot price plus a markup. At the time of writing the coin was on offer for $700.23 with free shipping.

The markup is around $200, with the current spot price at approximately $2,000, one quarter ounce is worth about $500. This constitutes a 20% increase in the bullion value of the gold itself. Unfortunately, you won't be able to hold these gold rounds in your Self-Directed IRA.

Money Metals Exchange is a precious metal company that started operations in 2010 and currently has over 250,000 customers. The company considers itself discreet, dependable, and very competitive in pricing.  


GovMint is offering a 1-ounce .9999 gold Trump coin in a limited edition of 299 pieces. The coin is legal tender in the Republic of Somalia, with a face value of 10,000 shillings. These coins are struck in Ultra High Relief, giving the highest level of detail.

The high standard of detail means it has achieved a PF 70 grade from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. PF 70 is the highest proof grade awarded to coins not meant for circulation. This level of proofing means the coin has no post-production imperfection at 5x magnification.

The obverse of the coin shows an image of President Trump and the American flag in the background. The Inscription “45th President of The United States” is at the top and “Trump 2020” is at the bottom. The reverse shows the coat of arms of the Somali Republic.

GovMint is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is one of the largest marketers in the country for collectible gold coins. We could not find the price of this gold Trump coin on GovMint's website, you will have to call to get that info, as the pricing is subject to change according to market conditions. 

Will The Trump Coin Be Worth Money?

Gold makes for a good investment for several reasons, it acts as an inflation hedge and is a great portfolio diversifier. Just to mention a couple of features. In terms of price, buying gold bullion coins may be a better option than collectibles. 

Collectible coins may have a much higher value than their weight in gold. The higher price is determined by the demand created by its numismatic factors. For this reason, collectible coins cannot be included in a gold IRA. If you want to include gold coins, they must be considered bullion.

To answer the question, yes it will be worth money for as long as gold keeps its underlying value. The Donald Trump gold coin value will simply follow in step with the price of gold. You can find more information on investing in gold coins here

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