December 2020 Newsletter: Global Economic Collapse Imminent? Social Security, Chinese Megacorps, Real Estate Market Look Ready for Historic Crash

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Last Updated on: 2nd February 2021, 10:35 am

We’re headed for big trouble. 

The economic problems we’re facing now are bigger than the pandemic. Even bigger than the Fed.

We’re staring down complete insolvency of the Social Security system in the next decade. The coronavirus is only expediting the issue as more working-aged Americans stop contributing through payroll taxes.

The most elderly Americans are at risk of losing everything they’ve worked for, and the lives of millions of retirees will soon be in jeopardy. 

But that’s not all.

Boarded-up storefronts and Main Streets littered with “For Lease” signs point to the inevitable “K-shaped” pandemic recovery—one in which mom and pop shops are permanently put out of business, while multinationals and big-box retailers laugh their way to the bank.

Baby Boomers are selling their second homes to Millennials who haven’t yet bought their first. Within the next 20 years, up to 15 million unsellable American homes are set to flood the market and collapse the real estate market. 

If millions of retiring Baby Boomers are selling their homes and millennials aren’t buying them, what happens to those homes? It starts with massive devaluation.

Abroad, China is facing their biggest credit crisis in over two decades. Investors are selling off corporate bonds in state-owned enterprises like never before. If the Chinese megacorps start going insolvent, we’re in for a credit event that will tank the yuan and send billions of individuals into poverty.

Independent auditors predict a +57% and +40% year-over-year rise in insolvencies in the US and China, respectively, in 2021. 

This points to a simple fact: The world’s second-largest economy is propped up by state-owned zombie companies that lose money every day and are on the brink of bankruptcy.

The world is hanging on by the thread, and that’s to say nothing of the still-uncertain transition looming over the White House. It remains to be seen whether stability is in the cards for America in the months ahead.

Today, gold, silver and cryptocurrencies are the best disaster hedges you can buy. 

The price of Bitcoin is up +35% in the last 30 days. It’s permanent, immutable, and can’t be confiscated. The same goes for gold and silver, whose prices cooled off slightly in November after eclipsing all-time highs only a few months ago.

Precious metals and cryptocurrencies are long-term holds. They’re the best tools we have for shielding our wealth from systemic collapse. 

You’d be wise to get in now, while your money’s still worth something. 

To get started investing in precious metals, check out our exclusive list of IRA-approved gold and silver. For another hedge, consider a Bitcoin IRA to add cryptocurrencies to your tax-advantaged retirement account. Get in quick—when the next round of stimulus checks arrive, once again these assets are bound to rally to new heights.


Mark T.
Mark T.

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