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Last Updated on: 7th February 2014, 11:54 pm

In 1999, the smart money warned that the internet bubble was about to burst. It was only logical that stocks like Amazon and Ebay could not continue their upward surge at that blistering pace. And sure enough, over the next three years we saw a -47% correction in stocks with internet issues getting hit by up to -95%.

New developments in gold will soon expose old human flaws.
New developments in gold will soon expose old human flaws.

In 2007, there were plenty of sensible investors who saw that the housing market was insanely overdone. Three years later houses in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tampa had declined by up to -70%.

Unfortunately, most investors never heeded these warnings. We humans possess a common flaw in that we always tend to project the recent past into the near future.

In other words, because the stock market was white hot last year by rising 26.5%, we tend to think that prices will continue to go up without any consideration given to valuation. Or if home prices are up 22% the last five years, we assume they’ll continue at this clip even though the hundred years before this they averaged 3%.

The other weakness we tend to display is that we tend to believe the mainstream media who tow the government line and perpetually focus on the things that don’t matter.

Programs like CNBC cheer when unemployment claims go down or GDP goes up, knowing full-well that the data is distorted. And the more they regurgitate the data from the government’s cooked books, the more they believe it.

These two things may explain why it seems that no one is all that concerned about the dollar. There are many intelligent, experienced investors like Jim Rogers and Peter Schiff who have been warning people for years that the dollar will collapse.

To them, it’s not just a possibility – it’s a foregone conclusion.

And now in 2014 the warnings of a currency collapse are getting louder and seemingly more urgent.

In the past, a currency crisis lay somewhere over the horizon. Now many believe that we can actually see it off in the distance, making out some of its characteristics.

A “Currency Reset” is Coming

All asset prices are derived from Treasury Bond rates. Because the Federal Reserve has set interest rates artificially low, they’ve taken away much of the natural price discovery out of the markets.

In other words, all markets are now distorted. We have no idea where they would trade if left to their own devices.

And because of the Fed’s grand manipulation, there’s no market more distorted than the dollar.
This can continue for years or even decades, but things are now well-positioned for a currency reset — a re-pricing of our currency.

Many believe the tipping point to this impending devaluation is knocking at our door.
Countries like China and Russia are now trading without dollars. China and Japan recently agreed to do the same. India reportedly will use gold to buy oil from Iran. The BRIC countries will trade with each other, outside the dollar.

At least 23 nations have already prepared for a new trade system that will occur outside the dollar and Swift systems.

These things do not bode well for the dollar, and the final straw that breaks the dollar’s back might be the recent development of …

The Gold Trade Note

In February of 2013,  precious metal analyst and mining executive Jim Willie, announced that the global economies of Asia, and other parts of the world, are preparing for a new trade settlement note to replace the dollar in international transactions.

What is projected to be called the “Gold Trade Note” to replace the U. S. dollar, this form of credit will carry the same protections that the reserve currency does. However, it will use a gold backed system of currency that will bypass the dollar, the Bank of International Settlement (BIS), and most centrally controlled fiat currencies.

The Gold Trade Note will involve posted gold as collateral, whose entire system for trade usage will bear a massive gold core that also will include silver and platinum, maybe other precious metals.

It will enable peer-to-peer payments to be completed from direct account transfers independent of currency, and most importantly, not done through the SWIFT code system among the world of banks.

The idea is to avoid the Forex systems, to avoid the U.S. Dollar, and to avoid the banks as much as possible in a peer-to-peer system that can be executed between parties holding Blackberry devices or a PC to complete the payments on transactions.

Essentially, it’s Bitcoin that’s backed by gold!

Even before these recent developments many experts were calling for $5,000/oz or even $10,000/oz gold.

I’ve never been one to attempt to predict the timing or magnitude of any market moves, but it’s clear that we are much closer to a different reality for the dollar and gold. I expect gold to go higher – much higher.

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