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Regal Assets
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Regal Assets Review Summary:

Regal Wallet is the crypto arm of top-rated IRA provider Regal Assets. Forbes Council member Regal Wallet is the only provider on the market to offer crypto and precious metals in one fully-insured investment package — the Regal IRA. Charging just a flat annual fee and offering some of the best anti-hacker protection with ‘cold’ crypto storage, this is an outstanding offering. A minor downside is there's some confusing crossover between the firm’s two websites, but Regal’s 1600+ confirmed 5-star reviews and 97,000 Facebook ‘likes’ suggest that customers receive a top service regardless.

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Regal Assets Pros & Cons


  • Only company to offer one IRA combining crypto and precious metals
  • Super-safe ‘cold’ storage for crypto assets
  • Solid choice of 25+ crypto (including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major coins)
  • Forbes Financial Council Member
  • 24/7 IRA set-up online
  • $200m insurance coverage by Lloyds of London
  • Flat fixed fee of $250 per year; first year waived
  • They offer an incomparable 24 hours account opening process.
  • AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance
  • 97,000+ Facebook ‘likes’


  • Details of transaction fees only available by making a call
  • Overlapping content for crypto IRAs on two websites
  • No rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • No dedicated customer education policy or department

In 2017, Regal Assets leveraged its pole position as a gold IRA provider to offer cryptocurrency investments such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. With a Regal IRA, you can hold physical precious metals as well as crypto and regular assets like stocks and bonds all within the same IRA. No other company offers this service.

Regal Asset’s IRAs are based on over 12 years of experience in the business. Investors looking to protect their retirement savings have been able to set up with a precious metal IRA with Regal Assets since 2009. By providing an all-in-one (bullion, storage, and custodianship) gold IRA service for a single flat fee of $250, the firm has attracted 97,000+ Facebook followers as well as regular media exposure with big players like Reuters, Bloomberg, and Yahoo! Finance. Already an Inc. 500 Company, Regal Asset’s credentials were confirmed in 2018 when it became a member of the Forbes Financial Council. 

Along with BitcoinIRA, Regal Assets was one of the first companies in the entire country to secure authorization to manage crypto IRAs. Why? Because Regal saw that, despite their many risks, cryptos could play a powerful role in retirement planning that no other asset can match. On both and, the firm takes the time to show what spectacular difference crypto can make to retirement planning.

Although it does not have a formal customer education department, Regal is no slouch when it comes to explaining the potential advantages of crypto IRAs. Regal makes it clear that crypto and precious metals share two defensive strengths as an investment asset: both are recognized as a hedge against inflation, and both tend to rise in value when dollar-linked investments like stocks fall. And crypto offers an offensive strength too: crypto has proven its ability to soar in price like no other asset. 

Despite the many positive factors in Regal's corner, there are some drawbacks to this service that we will also address further in the review. Like any alternative IRA, Regal Wallet isn't perfect and, in this Regal Wallet review, we will explicate exactly how and where their services fall a bit short.

Regal Wallet 2022 Reviews, Ratings and Complaints

Regal Wallet has achieved a top rating of AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance, but is not rated by the Better Business Bureau. The number of reviews is generally too low to draw accurate conclusions, apart from the 1088 Trustlink reviews, where the firm achieves an impressive average rating of 4.5/5. We are reassured to see that the complaints registered with the Better Business Bureau have all been resolved satisfactorily.




  • Better Business Bureau: 3 complaints about delivery issues resolved
  • Business Consumer Alliance:  100% score on Complaint Resolution Index

Regal Wallet Philosophy

For each of the four key crypto assets by market cap, Regal Wallet shows you how much you would now be sitting on if you had invested $10,000 back in 2009:

Crypto Investment in 2009 Worth in 2020
Bitcoin (BTC) $10,000 $29,156,733,333
Litecoin (LTC) $10,000 $2,056,000
Ether (ETH) $10,000 $1,427,736
Ripple (XRP) $10,000 $460,000


However, just because crypto did well in the past does not mean it will necessarily do well in the future. Regal Assets are straight-shooters here:

Cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are a highly speculative and risky investment. Their value can skyrocket significantly over the next few years but it can also go down to zero. We recommend that our clients do NOT invest any amount that they cannot afford losing.” 

chart displaying top cryptourrency growth trends from 2009 to 2020

Source: Regal Wallet

Investors should always consult with their personal financial advisor when making investment decisions. That goes without saying, but we appreciate that Regal has the honesty and integrity to state this outright.

We also like the fact that Regal is committed to giving investors flexibility when it comes to their choice of crypto, yet still provides support if necessary. CEO Tyler Gallagher says:

“Clients make all the decisions themselves when it comes to digital asset selections and allocation, but do have the option of guidance by connecting with their dedicated account manager.”

Regal Wallet Sign-up

If you want to get your crypto IRA started as soon as possible, Regal Wallet does a pretty good job of expediting the sign-up process. You can fill out their online form immediately to receive the relevant paperwork by email. Fill out Regal’s crypto IRA form and return it.

From there, Regal pledges to set up your account within 24hrs. Then it is up to you to fund your account, order your crypto, and Regal will then make the relevant purchases and stash your crypto on your behalf. You can then review your crypto wallet via your online dashboard. In outline, this sounds like a simple enough process, which Regal summarizes with the illustration below:

Screenshot of sign-up process from Regal Assets websiteRegal Wallet Account Minimum

To activate your Regal crypto IRA account, you will need to deposit a minimum of $10,000. This is roughly in line with the rest of the market. For comparison, competitor BitcoinIRA demands a minimum deposit of $3,000, but $10,000 to be eligible for its flagship Interest-Earning Program (which is BitcoinIRA’s key selling point). Competitor CoinIRA (offered by IRA provider Goldco) stipulates a minimum deposit of $20,000.

A minimum crypto transaction threshold of $5,000 applies. On the one hand, this means investors must commit a fair amount to a single crypto coin. But, on the other hand, this prevents funds from being frittered away on a whole bunch of minor investments. 

Regal Wallet IRA Custodian

The Regal crypto IRA is offered in partnership with reputable IRA custodian Kingdom Trust. In our books, this is a major point in favor of Regal Wallet since Kingdom Trust is a reputable and independent qualified custodian regulated by the South Dakota Division of Banking.  Through Kingdom Trust, Regal is able to offer some of the lowest fees in the self-directed crypto IRA market will offering industry-standard security features.

Regal Wallet IRA Rollovers and Transfers

If you have existing IRAs, you may want to roll over or transfer funds in them to a new Regal IRA. No information on how to do this is listed on But we know that Regal Assets is an expert at managing the rollover process, having been named by independent financial site Investopedia as “Best for IRA Rollovers” of the 2022 Top 6 IRA Companies.  

Regal Wallet Crypto Storage

Although no details are given on either of their websites, Regal’s crypto IRA is known for its no-nonsense approach to security. Unlike its competitors, Regal stores your crypto in a ‘cold’ wallet: this is a digital data bank that is entirely offline. Hackers cannot get to it, because it is only connected to the internet very rarely through another computer that is not authorized to make any decisions.

Your private key is also stored offline, so there’s no chance of that falling foul of cyber-theft either. To provide a further layer of security, Regal provides insurance for your crypto by insurance giant Lloyds of London.

Using cold crypto wallets like this can be cumbersome, and delays in getting orders processed may be expected. But we figure it is worth any inconvenience to safeguard life savings.

Regal Wallet Website

A key issue we have had reviewing Regal is that information on its crypto IRA is spread between two websites: and The range of crypto available, for example, is listed here, but the advantages of the IRA are listed here.

To avoid confusion, we recommend signing up to have Regal’s free crypto IRA kit sent to your home. This seems to be the way the firm wants the customer to get started; to be fair, beginning with a free information pack is standard practice in the industry, although, of course, you can cut through the red tape and just call Regal Wallet on 1-877-962-1133. 

Free Crypto IRA Kit

Regal Wallet has quite a bumper giveaway lined up for newcomers. Give your personal details and you will receive a crypto IRA guide, a free issue of Forbes magazine, and a DVD entitled “The Rise of Bitcoin”.

We like the fact that Regal is as security-conscious with personal data as they are with crypto. Their privacy policy states that “all e-mails will contain an opt-out link which you can click to have your name removed permanently from our e-mail list.”

About the Regal Wallet Management

Founder and CEO Tyler Gallagher

Portrait of Tyler Gallagher, Regal Wallet CEO

Entrepreneur Tyler Gallagher founded Regal Assets in 2009 with a $5,000 investment and has gone on to be a member of the prestigious Forbes Council as well as take his company to recognition as an Inc. 500 member.

Tyler leveraged his knowledge of crypto and IRAs in 2017 to set up Regal Assets as the first company in the world to obtain a crypto IRA license in the United Arab Emirates, as reported by Bloomberg.

Although he appears to stay away from the limelight generally, Tyler has been an expert on “The News with Ed Shultz” (RT channel), as well as contributing to Authority Magazine and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global. Tyler has written for Forbes magazine as recently as August 2021, when he asked: “Will Green Infrastructure Spur Silver Demand?”.

Regal Wallet Crypto IRA Fees

Regal Wallet Service Regal Wallet Fee
IRA set up fee NA
IRA management & crypto storage $250 per year
Special Promotion First year fees waived


As with any crypto IRA, transaction fees do apply. The custodian for Regal IRAs, Kingdom Trust, charges a 1% fee for transactions involving digital assets. It is not clear whether Regal charges on top of that, which is certainly a drawback in our estimation. The Regal Assets website should immediately specify whether any additional fees are added, but they fail to do so before calling and inquiring about pricing data.

For comparison, some crypto brokers and exchanges charge less than 1% — but they often make their money on deposit fees as well as the spread fee, which is the difference between the price you can buy at and the price you can sell at. No information on crypto spread fees is provided by either Regal Wallet or Kingdom Trust directly. But the spread fees offered by the giant US crypto exchange Coinbase which is used for Regal IRAs are generally reasonable. 

Regal Wallet Popular Products

Regal offers a range of individual crypto coins for use in your Regal IRA. How many cryptos are available? It is difficult to tell. 24 coins are listed on the Regal Assets website; the Regal Wallet website, on the other hand, does not give any further details. The company recommends that you give their advisors a call (1-877-962-1133) to get the full picture, as other cryptos are available that are not listed on either website.

What stands out about Regal’s range of cryptocurrencies is that it has largely opted for the large-cap cryptocurrency projects that either have their own blockchain (like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cosmos, EOS, and Cardano, for example) or are ERC-20 tokens with real utility (like Aave). 

Large-cap cryptocurrencies offer different advantages in the real world, depending on what their native blockchain is designed to do. But what they share is that their price potential is anchored in something real and useful and different. The same cannot be said of ‘meme’ tokens, so it is good to see that Regal has largely given them a swerve in the interest of their customers' safety. However, those looking for exposure to small-cap coins will be better served elsewhere. 

There are over 15,000 cryptos on the market in 2022, and the majority of them are ERC-20 tokens. These tokens piggyback the Ethereum blockchain and are not linked to a blockchain of their own. Some of these offer useful functions — such as the featured Aave, which is centered on DeFi (Decentralized Finance). But many are “meme” tokens that have become popular as a result of comedy internet material. Although meme tokens can explode in value, few smart investors would put their life savings behind them. 

Regal Wallet IRA Crypto

Below we look at ten top crypto offered for investment with the Regal IRA:

bitcoin logoBitcoin (BTC)

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin is the crypto that gave birth to the whole sector. It is the biggest crypto by far, claiming 40% of the entire sector with a market capitalization of $833bn. The supply of Bitcoin is capped, so it cannot lose its value (like the dollar) through over-supply. Where the price of Bitcoin goes, the price of other crypto follows. Bitcoin has been adopted as legal tender in the central American country of El Salvador and taken up by payment providers like PayPal and Square. There are roughly 50,000 Bitcoin ATMs in the US.

ethereum logoEther (ETH)

Second-only to Bitcoin in terms of size, Ether is the native crypto for the Ethereum blockchain. Whereas Bitcoin was designed as a means of payment, Ethereum was designed to provide a building area for other blockchains. Ethereum is the foundation of the ‘NFT’s (Non-fungible tokens) you may have heard about, as well as the ERC-20 tokens that many crypto are based on. A big update of Ethereum is underway, which will make it far more environmentally friendly. The cryptocurrency token has a market capitalization of $370bn.

aave logoAave (AAVE)

Aave is what is known as a DeFi crypto. This means it was designed to support Decentralized Finance, which is a new way of banking on the internet without the big banks calling the shots. Aave is used in what are known as ‘liquidity pools’, where users can obtain flash loans and other financing options. Aave currently has a market capitalization of over $2bn. 

bitcoin cash logoBitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash was formed from Bitcoin in 2017. This crypto aims to provide a faster, more convenient payment system than Bitcoin with lower fees. It is used for smaller transactions on the internet. Bitcoin Cash is the 28th-biggest crypto with a market capitalization over $6bn.

cardano logoCardano (ADA)

Ada has a market capitalization of almost $40bn and is the 7th-biggest crypto. The Cardano blockchain evolved as a direct competitor to Ethereum. Just like Ethereum, Cardano set out to provide a “blockchain of blockchains”, allowing developers to build new systems around a central backbone.

cosmos logoCosmos (ATOM)

As a blockchain designed to support smart contracts as well as new ‘dapps’ (decentralized apps), Cosmos is another potential ‘Ethereum Killer’ like Cardano that could one day knock Ethereum off its perch as the second-biggest crypto. The price of Cosmos’ native crypto Atom tends to be particularly volatile. Currently, Atom has a market capitalization of over $8bn.

chainlink logoChainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is an add-on to the Ethereum network that works as an ‘oracle’. This means it links smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with data from the real world. The crypto has a market capitalization of $8.5bn.

dogecoin logoDogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is one of the few ‘meme’ coins available with Regal Wallet. In fact, Dogecoin was the first-ever meme coin. It was launched in 2013 with its ‘doge’ design based on a breed of a Japanese dog, Shiba Inu, that featured in a popular internet meme at the time. Designed to be a means of payment (like Bitcoin), Dogecoin has a huge following, with 2.5m followers on Twitter. With a market capitalization of $21bn, it is the 8th-biggest crypto.

litecoin logoLitecoin (LTC)

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin is designed to be a payment system. Litecoin was launched in 2011, so is something of an old-timer on the crypto scene. Despite that, it offers transaction speeds four times faster than Bitcoin. It has a market capitalization over $9bn, and is the 20th biggest crypto.

tezos logoTezos (XTZ)

Tezos is part of the new wave of crypto that offers Proof-of-Stake processing rather than the Proof-of-Work protocol that Bitcoin uses. Proof-of-Stake uses much less electricity and is, therefore, cheaper and better for the environment. The market capitalization of XTZ is currently $3.5bn.

Regal Wallet Crypto Watch

In partnership with elite Swiss watchmakers Franck Mueller, Regal offers access to a luxury crypto handwatch entitled ‘Free the Money, Free the World’. This was co-designed by Regal CEO Tyler Gallagher. On sale for almost $13,000, this pricey item allows you to store Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in ‘cold’ storage – ie. a sealed USB unit within the body of the watch. You can access the storage digitally with a unique address just as you would with a normal crypto wallet. 

Note that the IRS insists that you must store any crypto saved in an IRA with an authorized custodian (Kingdom Trust in Regal’s case). You may not store IRA crypto yourself in a crypto wallet or watch.

Why Get a Crypto IRA with Regal Wallet?

A Regal IRA with Regal Wallet offers three attractive features in particular:

  • You can use the same IRA to invest in crypto and precious metals
  • You can access a range of 25+ crypto
  • Crypto security is provided via ‘cold’ storage and fully-insured

Other crypto IRA providers offer a good range of crypto, as well as various forms of strong crypto security. But no competitor provides these benefits as well as an IRA vehicle that brings together crypto and physical precious metals in one convenient unit. 

The chief downside we have discovered with this firm is not its product or services — but rather its presentation of information about them. There is a confusing crossover of information between the Regal Assets main website and the Regal Wallet website. We would also like to see more specific information regarding who is running the company, exactly how the ‘cold’ crypto storage works, and what kind of support investors can expect over the long term.

In terms of fees and minimums, Regal scores well for offering a single annual flat fee of $250, which it waives for the first year. Regal does not score so well when it comes to spelling out its crypto transaction fees. Regal Wallet’s minimum investment is $10,000. This is fairly standard in the industry.

The threshold may not be accessible to brand new IRA investors, but it is a reasonable starting point. Likewise, the minimum investment in any one crypto of $5,000 makes good sense to us because it discourages investors from frittering their life savings away on minor transactions that will accrue trading and spread fees.

Before you commit to any crypto IRA provider, we recommend that you call 3 or 4 different companies first to get a balanced view of what is on offer. It goes without saying too that, to manage risk, your investment in crypto should make up only one, small part of a diversified portfolio. (Being able to invest in crypto and precious metals at the same time in one Regal IRA is therefore highly convenient, as you can cover two asset areas in one go.)

Contact Us if You Represent Regal Wallet

Here at Gold IRA Guide, we want our reviews to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you are a representative of Regal Wallet and would like to provide fresh information for our review, please contact us immediately.

Regal Assets Review Summary

Regal Wallet is the crypto arm of top-rated IRA provider Regal Assets. Forbes Council member Regal Wallet is the only provider on the market to offer crypto and precious metals in one fully-insured investment package — the Regal IRA. Charging just a flat annual fee and offering some of the best anti-hacker protection with ‘cold’ crypto storage, this is an outstanding offering. A minor downside is there's some confusing crossover between the firm’s two websites, but Regal’s 1600+ confirmed 5-star reviews and 97,000 Facebook ‘likes’ suggest that customers receive a top service regardless.

Phone: 1-877-962-1133

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars
User rating
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    • Quality
    • Customer Support
    • Pricing & Fees
    • Rated 5 stars

    I’ve rated this company great for customer support and quality, but the fees are a bit higher than I expected so I gave them a lower score in that regard. Neverthless I got a better deal than the ones over at who wanted much higher. What I liked about Regal is that I was given some good advice regarding cryptos in general. I expected to invest only in Bitcoin through my IRA but ended up adding in a few other cryptos based on the advice I was given. I’m glad I called because Bitcoin dropped by 10% the day after I called while the other altcoins I invested in went upwards. I know it’s just one day but still good to keep your portfolio diverse when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You never know. Also I only invested a small percentage of my IRA but might be adding more if performance is there…

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