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Kingdom Trust Company
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Kingdom Trust Company Review Summary:

Kingdom Trust Company offers its clientele a wide range of alternative asset investments in such options as precious metals, private companies, real estate, promissory notes, and other kinds through their MyRA Accounts. The company was founded in 2008, making it a relative newcomer to the self directed IRA management field.

Kingdom Trust Company is ranked #8 on our list of the top Gold IRA companies of 2020. In the following review, we'll discuss this custodian's history, management, reputation, products/services, and fees.

Kingdom Trust Company ( is a leading IRA custodian that specializes in helping clients invest in precious metals, real estate, private companies, promissory notes and other types of alternative assets within Individual Retirement Accounts. The company was originally founded in 2008, has had an open file with the BBB since 2012, and is based in Murray, Kentucky.

About the Management

Kingdom Trust Company was founded by Matt Jennings and Doug Lawson. Mr. Jennings currently serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer with an extensive background in the buying and selling of real estate investments. The company's President is Charles Ives, a financial expert with a decade and a half of experience in the self-directed IRA industry. To learn more about their management staff, see their Officers and Executive Staff page.

Kingdom Trust Company Prices and Products

Kingdom Trust Company specializes in providing self-directed IRA services and institutional custody services to individual investors and advisors. In addition to letting clients invest in precious metals within retirement accounts, Kingdom Trust Company's MyRA account (which they've been offering since 2009) also gives investors the opportunity to invest in a diverse range of other alternative investments. Below is a screenshot of the section of Kingdom Trust Company's fee schedule dedicated to precious metals:

Kingdom Trust Company Fees

Kingdom Trust Company Contact Details

Key Pages From Kingdom Trust Company's Website

  • Who Is Kingdom Trust? – A brief overview of the company's history, core values, and mission statement.
  • Investing in Precious Metals – Explains the basics of investing in precious metals within a retirement account.
  • Fee Schedule – A straightforward fee schedule showing the cost of opening and holding an IRA with Kingdom Trust Company.

Always Review the Competition Before You Buy

Any investment that could influence your wealth during retirement should be carefully researched and considered before any commitments are made, This is especially true in the case of opening a precious metals IRA, as this particular investment could wind up playing the most crucial role in protecting the value of your savings and investments in the time leading up to and during your retirement.

Most financial experts advise their clients to allocate at least 5% – 20% of their retirement portfolio to precious metals investments, in order to protect against the effects of inflation and the dangers of currency debasement. Even if you were to take an optimistic stance and assume that the dollar is not going to crash, inflation alone will at the very least decrease the dollar's value.

So at best, even if there is no economic collapse or crisis, there's a high probability that, at the time of your retirement, the dollars in your 401k will be worth less than they are now. By rolling over a portion of your retirement savings into physical precious metals, you can effectively hedge against the devaluing effects of inflation; precious metals appreciate in value as inflation worsens.

Now that we've explained exactly why a precious metal IRA is such a critical component in a well-diversified retirement portfolio, it's easier to see why advisors strongly urge clients to do their research before opening or funding an account. Fortunately, we've made it easy for anyone to quickly research and compare the top Gold IRA companies and the top precious metals IRA custodians.

Contact Us if You Own or Represent Kingdom Trust Company

If you're an owner, associate, or representative of Kingdom Trust Company and you've found any of the information within this review to be false, outdated, or misleading, please do bring your concerns to our attention. We strive to provide the most accurate and helpful reviews and guides on an going basis, and will therefore revise or remove any content that is found to be nonfactual.

Why Equity Institutional is Ranked #1 IRA Custodian of 2020

While building this year's list of the top 10 IRA custodians, we considered a total of 37 different companies before narrowing down the candidates presented in the finalized custodian comparison table. We've made it easy for anyone to conduct their own research regarding the history, features, reputations, and fees of the leading precious metals IRA custodians. Each company has been thoroughly researched and ranked based on the following factors:

  • preferred/partnered depositories and storage options
  • whether storage fees are included in the annual charge – some companies require you to pay storage fees in addition to annual administration/renewal fees
  • setup charges and account startup cost
  • fee structure – sliding scale annual fees vs. flat-rate annual fees
  • company reputation and industry presence

In addition to excelling in the above aspects, Equity Institutional also ranked as the #1 custodian this year because of their partnership with Regal Assets, the #1 company on 2020's list of the top Gold IRA companies. Equity Institutional partners with bullion dealers, brokers, and investment firms to bring retirement investors cost-effective, streamlined access to precious metals IRAs. While it is possible to setup an account with Equity Institutional directly as an individual, there are numerous benefits associated with opening your account through Regal Assets, including:

  • Regal Assets will waive the first year's setup and storage fees for any account worth more than $10,000. In fact, they may cover up to the first three years' fees, depending on the value of the account. After the account starts to incur charges, the account holder is billed a low flat-rate annual fee (which stays the same regardless of how much gold is stored in the account), as opposed to a sliding scale fee, which increases along with the market value of assets held in the account.
  • Regal Assets make it easy to buy eligible gold bullion and have it deposited directly into your IRA
  • Best online reputation of any Gold IRA company; A+ rating with the better Business bureau, AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, and 5-star ratings on Yelp, The Yellow Pages, Google= and Trustlinkorg.
  • Investors can invest as little as $5,000 initially
  • Provides an extensive, industry-leading investor's information kit free to anyone interested (you can access this kit by filling in the simple form at the bottom of this page).
  • Offers offshore storage in Singapore through Brinks, which may be the most secure location to store gold in an IRA.
  • Regal Assets will buy back any precious metals their clients purchase from them and can have the funds credited to the client's account in less than 24 hours, on any given business day.
  • Guides you through the process of learning about precious metals IRA, opening one, and purchasing the appropriate bullion products to store in your newly opened IRA; by far the easiest and most reputable solution to invest in a Gold IRA.
  • Exceptional industry reputation highlighted by appearance in Inc Magazine, Forbes, Smart Money, and MarketWatch. Regal Assets even ranked #20 in Inc Magazine's famous Top 500 list.

If you'd like to learn more about the advantages of opening an Equity Institutional precious metals IRA through Regal Assets, see the full review of Regal Assets. You can also access Regal Assets highly informative investor's education kit that teaches you everything you need to know about investing in a Gold IRA by filling out the simple form below. Even if you don't plan on investing any funds right now, we strongly recommend you consider the content presented in their FREE information kit before making an investment decision in the precious metals industry.


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Pros of Kingdom Trust Company

  • Their MyRA account was groundbreaking when they started offering it in 2009
  • The firm offers a huge selection of alternative asset investments such as precious metals, private companies, real estate, and promissory notes, among other options
  • The annual administration fee of $75 per year is relatively low for the industry

Cons of Kingdom Trust Company

  • They charge a $40 per transaction fee
  • Sliding scale fees apply for precious metals storage and start at $100 annually

Kingdom Trust Company Review Summary

Kingdom Trust Company offers its clientele a wide range of alternative asset investments in such options as precious metals, private companies, real estate, promissory notes, and other kinds through their MyRA Accounts. The company was founded in 2008, making it a relative newcomer to the self directed IRA management field.


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    • Rated 2 stars

    Kingdom Trust provides a substandard level of service. I have not had even the simplest of transactions processed without problems. The fees are somewhat reasonable but the frustration you will experience will not be worth it.

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