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McAlvany Review

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McAlvany Review Summary:

McAlvany ICA sells a variety of gold and silver coins and bullion. Their gold coin gallery features popular IRA-eligible coins like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Gold Buffalo. They also encourage their clients to set up precious metals IRAs, but it is not clear which IRA custodian they use, so we're not exactly sure how much it would cost to store precious metals in an IRA opened through McAlvany.

McAlvany International Collector's Associates, Ltd. ( is a coin and bullion dealer that specializes in the sale of gold and silver, as well as assisting clients in setting up precious metals IRAs and storage accounts. The company is based in Durango, Colorado, was founded in 1972, and has been BBB-accredited since 1993.

About the Management

McAlvany ICA is a family-operated business that was founded by Donald and Molly McAlvany more than 4 decades ago. Today the business is still run by Donald McAlvany (Chairman) and his son, David McAlvany (President/CEO). Donald is the editor of a newsletter called McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, which covers the latest topics related to financial and geopolitical intelligence.

McAlvany Ratings and Complaints

The following are ratings and reviews from the internet's most trusted directories and ratings bureaus:

  • BBB Rating: A+ (Details)
  • BBB Complaints: 1 complaint in the last 3 years (Details)
  • BCA Rating: Not Listed
  • BCA Complaints: Not Listed
  • CitySearch: Not Listed
  • Google+: Not Rated (Profile)
  • RipOff Report: Not Listed
  • SiteJabber: Not Rated (Details)
  • Trustlink: Not Rated (Details)
  • Yellow Pages: Not Rated (Details)
  • Yelp: Not Listed

Based on the information above, we can see that McAlvany has a very minimal web presence, with their only rating coming from the Better Business Bureau. However, with no past lawsuits and no consumer complaints, they've built a strong enough reputation to earn a sot on our top companies list. They do have an active Google+ profile as well, however they've not yet received any ratings or reviews from other Google+ users.

McAlvany's Prices and Products

With that said, we've compared the top 10 IRA custodians to help you find an affordable and suitable match based on your investment needs and preferences.

McAlvany Contact Details

Key Pages From McAlvany's Website

  • Precious Metals IRADiscusses the advantages of a precious metals IRA, as well as the types of precious metals that can be stored in an IRA.
  • Precious Metals Storage – Covers the precious metals storage services offered by McAlvany ICA.
  • Gold Bullion – A brief overview of the types of gold bullion offered by McAlvany ICA.

Always Review the Competition Before You Buy

Finding a precious metals dealer to purchase gold from online is not a difficult task – there are literally dozens of companies to choose from. Luckily, many other investors have come before you and have already posted reviews and ratings about their experiences with various Gold IRA companies online, giving you plenty of information to base your decision on. We've already researched and reviewed 69 other companies just like McAlvany, and have compared all of them in an easy-to-understand chart.

Given that most investors are wisely advised to store about 5%-20% of their retirement savings in the form of precious metals, your Gold IRA could wind up comprising a significant portion of your portfolio, which is why it absolutely essential to deal with the right bullion providers and IRA custodians.

Contact Us if You Own or Represent McAlvany

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McAlvany Review Summary

McAlvany ICA sells a variety of gold and silver coins and bullion. Their gold coin gallery features popular IRA-eligible coins like the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Gold Buffalo. They also encourage their clients to set up precious metals IRAs, but it is not clear which IRA custodian they use, so we're not exactly sure how much it would cost to store precious metals in an IRA opened through McAlvany.


Editor rating
Rated 3 stars
User rating
Rated 1 stars
  • Avatar
    Paul Wilson
    December 1, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    I put this on mcalvany Youtube

    Warning ⚠️ These guys are the money changers Jesus chased out of the temple, Don’t listen to David or Kevin bullshit. They just trying to make a bridge 🌉 to get your money. Their con is the proofs , likely others. Two years ago Kevin sells me 1000s of dollars of proofs at $400 priced over spot. So valuable because the government can’t confiscate, supposedly. Two years later I have to pay tax. Guess what those twice pressed coins are worth: the SAME as spot. McAlvany is an unregulated industry. So I was charged 1600 per one ounce coin. Spot was 1200 . These guys all have ranches in Texas, . They will steal you blind .Forget their conversations they are just fishing., to get you to call. Once they get you on the hook , they give you the 3 thirds plan . One third silver , one third gold , 1/3 proofs . DONT LET THEM TAKE YOU WITH THE PROOF CON. Don’t trust these money changers with your nest egg, just call someone else and don’t forget the proof fraud hoax scam. They just make me freakin sick, Yes their blah blah is just to make think they are so smart , their goal is to Con you. With their scam they should all have leer jets and ranches in Texas. Metals are not complicated they just pretend it is. Their goal is con you. They don’t want to just make a living they want to get all they can . My opinion. My experience. Kevin told me he would buy all proofs , I am sure he does. He gets them at spot and sells them $400 per ounce over spot to seniors such as myself . Maybe he thought $ 400 was reasonable to charge to me.
    Wow thousands of dollars for a few minutes on the fucking phone ☎️,
    Yes get out of stocks get into metals DONT GET PROOFS – THATS THE CON THE MONEY CHANGERS GET RICH ON. FORGET McAlvany. If I helped even one person I would be glad . Don’t get robbed . This guy Miles he warned me not to buy coins that had the hard plastic. He actually told me the truth because the proofs are encased in plastic but he was referring to coins that had been rated by a numismatic. Proofs are double stamped – the engraving is more perfect and each one comes in a box with s piece of paper describing the coin. I trusted them, I was a physician for years and I thought they were truly professionals helping me with my best interest in mind. Once I had realized what happened it’s like just a big disappointment . Also they lied 🤥. They said their profit was 7 percent. Wrong 400/1200x 100 is 33%. Don’t get baffled with their bull shit. There videos are just BS to get you into their simple little con that they get rich on. Karma always comes around . Oh yeah they can really do a geopolitical analysis with their economic theory. Blah blah blah bs don’t let them screw you – please. I agree on wealth preservation with gold and silver. As I said once they find out you have an IRA they set you up with the triangle (isolateral triangle )
    Gold silver proofs . 33.3% in each category.
    In my case I had to withdraw to pay some taxes . I trusted them when they set it up. Kevin explained the proofs is where you make money come a crisis . The government supposedly can’t confiscate certain proofs such as the Eagle. Is this true – I don’t know.
    He charged me $400 over spot on proofs. I discovered when I went to sell the proofs . He overcharged me $17,200.00 I calculated.
    Proofs is their con. My attention to this wouldn’t happened if I hadn’t withdrawn.
    The proofs are not worth any more than normal bullion, yet Kevin Orrick charge $400 for each ounce. They have been scamming generations with this gig. They get doctors and other professionals to invest . Do the 33 33 33 plan and usually these type will pass away without withdrawals except for small ones. Then the guy dies , the wife cashes in and is satisfied with the money and had no idea her husband way over paid for the proofs they buy back from her at spot.

  • Avatar
    Paul wilson
    December 1, 2018 at 2:46 pm
    • Quality
    • Customer Support
    • Pricing & Fees
    • Rated 1 stars



    Kevin Orrick overcharged $19200. 00
    The fraud is in the proofs. He charged $400 over spot for each ounce 48 ounces 19200
    The proofs are not worth more than bullion
    Simplified complaint. They scam everyone

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