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Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins are a beautiful example of highest quality Asian gold produced in 99.99% stunning purity. For over 30 years, the Singapore Mint has produced this impressive running Lunar Year series of gold coins in a wide range of sizes starting at the standard one ounce and decreasing all the way down to one-twentieth ounce sizes. Investors and collectors alike enjoy obtaining these gems.

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins Background and History

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins are the signature product of the Singapore Mint. Like everything else about the tiny city state nation of Southeast Asia, the Singapore Mint is among the most modern and cutting-edge facilities in the world. Originally established in 1968 to mint circulating coins for the nation which had just obtained its independence from the original founders of the city, the British Empire, over the subsequent years this mint has grown from simple minting facilities into a powerhouse business operation that integrates concept and design, sales and distribution, and marketing and after-sales customer support. The facility and institution has successfully made quality standards and system the centerpiece of their operations to the point that it has evolved into among the most innovative mints in the entire world. It prides itself on its ability to strike both highest quality gold and silver coins as well as medallions for a number of different nations.

The Singapore Mint has leveraged and harnessed technology in order to produce innovative and secure features for both circulating, bullion, and commemorative coins as well as collectables. They fuse ancient craft traditions with modern day high technology minting technology in order to produce their stunning pieces. Today's Singapore Mint is among the last minting operations on earth that still jealously maintains its team of tremendously skillful craftsmen so that they do not lose the minute detail which can only be attained from the human spirit and personal touch. This is evident in the numerous international awards that the Singapore Mint has garnered and the range of countries (like the Kingdom of Bhutan) and monetary authorities (such as Macau) which have appointed the mint to produce their own cherished bullion coins.

The Singapore Mint's signature series remains its long-running and extremely beloved Lunar Year series which features the appropriately corresponding Chinese-based animal of the year annually. For 2017 this is the rooster, while in 2016 it was the monkey. In the 1990s, the series hailed such Lunar Year animals as the rat in 1996 and the horse in 1990. The 1980s saw a dragon coin in 1988 and 1983/1984, a rabbit issue in 1987, the tiger in 1986, and the ox in 1985. From 1990-1997, the Singapore Mint also produced a concurrently running Gold Lion sub-series which featured the stylized head of a lion.

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The obverse is the technical term for the front side of all coins. The obverses more or less have the same theme year in and year out. This is a four Chinese character design that stands for “Amiable Countenance.” The four characters pictured below translate into English as “River,” “Power,” “Thrill,” and “Pokey” starting at the top left and moving clockwise. There is also in English the “Republic of Singapore” and date of mintage inscribed on the obverse.

The back of coins is called the “reverse.” Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins have an annually changing reverse which features the Lunar Year animal for the mintage year. The 1986 popular design was a prowling tiger. Each reverse similarly details the high gold purity of .9999 fineness as well as the appropriate weight and denomination of the coin.


Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins for this Lunar Year series were struck in sizes including 1 ounce (100 Singold), half ounce (50 Singold), quarter ounce (25 Singold), tenth ounce (10 Singold), and twentieth ounce (5 Singold). By far and away the most popular size remains the single one ounce 100 Singold denomination. Their specifications are as follows:

  • Mass: 1 troy oz
  • Diameter: 32.2 mm
  • Thickness: 2.6 mm
  • Purity: 99.99% gold fineness

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins Pricing

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins possess a hefty face value of 100 Singold and are legal tender ad infinitum within the tiny city state Republic of Singapore. The over four million residents of this highly modern microstate might utilize them in everyday transactions, but noone in their right minds would choose to use them this way. The reason is that the intrinsic value of these one ounce sized coins has enough gold in it to be valued at more than $1,100 today. This value is derived from the daily changing spot price of gold. The coins are popular and so enjoy a healthy premium over spot prices becauses of their collectable past.

These stand out coins obtain their real market value directly from the intrinsic gold value. Market value is the master when it is time to value any investment or retirement portfolio which contains coins such as these. The true market value is heavily based on the gyrating world gold prices that fluctuate both up and down during six days of the week trading on the international markets. You can swiftly learn the current live market pricing for gold by surfing on over to our homepage.

Can IRA Accounts Contain Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins?

Singapore Gold 100 Singold Coins are beautiful and stand out in any crowd of bullion coins. This is why investors and collectors alike wish to own these individual years of the long running Lunar Year series. Retirement focused individuals will want to know if you are allowed to inventory such gems within your IRA retirement account. The answer to this important question can only be answered by the American Internal Revenue Service. They alone make approval and rejection decisions for coins in precious metals IRA vehicles. They measure up all bullion coin contenders by the two standards of highest gold purity and lowest collectability premium.

The IRS mandates that you hire an IRA account administrator which they approve in order to place all of your approved bullion coin orders. These professionals will not only execute all of your bullion purchases and sales, they will also handle all shipping and storage arrangements on your behalf with the coin dealers and the IRS approved third party vaulting depository where your treasure trove must reside at all times while held by your account. A minimum of $5,000 in initial bullion purchase is required by the IRS to fund these accounts with precious metals. Later on you can always add additional gold and silver metals purchases with only $1,000 or more if you wish. If you already happen to have a standard IRA account, it is not difficult to roll it over to a precious metals IRA vehicle.

As far as IRS approval or rejection of the Singapore Gold 100 Singold coins goes, their impressive .9999 gold purity is greater than the IRS required .995 minimum standard. The problem comes from the collectable nature and premium over spot gold prices which these coins enjoy. The IRS fails them based on their collectability characteristic and premium. While you can not house such beautiful gems in your IRA retirement vehicle, they make wonderful choices for other types of investment and retirement portfolios. You can buy them from any reputable world gold coin or bullion dealer.

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