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The latest bullion offer from the Royal Canadian Mint proves to be the 10 ounce RCM Silver Bars. As with all of the other sizes of Royal Canadian Mint bullion bars, these are made of .9999 pure silver. This makes it among the highest silver purity bullion bars investors can purchase anywhere. Canada's national mint produces every bar and completely backs it for quality. These bars also feature some unique security features that help to make them a popular choice for bullion precious metals and retirement portfolios alike.


RCM Silver Bars History and Background

RCM is the Royal Canadian Mint. This entity is responsible for producing all of the Canadian coins as well as coins from numerous other countries. The organization has always been a Crown Corporation since it was established in 1908. Since independence, the government of Canada completely owns the enterprise. There are two RCM minting facilities in existence for the whole of Canada. These produce all of the nation's currency and bullion coins as well as precious metals bullion bars. In 1901, the Ottawa production center struck its first coins. The second location in Winnipeg began operating in 1960.

The RCM has a history of producing high quality bullion coins and bars. It strikes these bars in 99.99 fine silver and keeps to all of the standards set by the London Bullion Market Association for international market trading. Thanks to this fineness, these are among the purest forms of silver a private investor can purchase. All of its coins and bars are fully guaranteed by the government of Canada. Investors prefer coins and bars made by the RCM for their company's high quality standards and history. Their bars are easily accepted in numerous bullion trading markets throughout the world. Their 10 ounce RCM Silver Bars are among the only such 10 ounce size bars that any national government produces.

Bar Design

The front side of RCM Silver Bars showcases the logo of the Royal Canadian Mint at the top center of the bar. The logo's center features the Canadian maple leaf symbol. Around this maple leaf the mint's name appears in the two languages of Canada, English and French. Beneath the logo the bar specifies the number of ounces and .9999 fine silver purity. Next to the two sides of the purity stamp, two more maple leafs are featured. At the bottom of the bar is found the bar's unique serial number that begins with the numbers “9900.” The backs of the bars contain the maple leaf symbol arrayed in a repeating horizontal pattern.


The bars offer a number of security and packaging features that set them apart from the competition. The edges are reeded or serrated like a coin to make them difficult to counterfeit. They all come with unique registered serial numbers. All of the bars are individually sealed and packed in specific RCM packaging. The finish of the bars is a one of a kind RCM beautiful bullion finish. These features provide an unparalleled level of protection to buyers of the bullion bars. The packaging also prevents scratches.

Bar Specifications

There are many different types of RCM Silver Bars. These range in size from one ounce to 1,000 ounces.  The ten ounce size is a popular and liquid choice. Its has the following specifications:

  • Mass: 283.5 grams
  • Thickness: 4.76 mm
  • Dimensions: 90.02 mm x 51.92 mm
  • Silver Content: .9999 fine silver

Regardless of weight or shape, all RCM Silver Bars carry a fineness of .9999 (99.99% silver content).

RCM Silver Bars Pricing

Bullion coins and silver bars have some important differences. Silver bars are never considered to be legal tender. This simply means that they do not come with any associated face value. Regardless of this fact, silver bars provide you with some advantages which are hard to come by with silver coins. RCM Silver Bars and other bullion bars are produced in substantially lower quantities than are the bullion silver coins. Their reduced collectible appeal ensures that the market pricing of the bars is close to the silver spot price. It makes silver bars an extremely affordable way to build up silver holdings.

The market price determines the assets' values within retirement and investment portfolios alike. Silver prices fluctuate every day the markets are open. This means that the prices for RCM Silver Bars also go up and down on a weekday basis too. You can easily observe live pricing of the precious metals by going over to our home page.

Investing in RCM Silver Bars Through an IRA

The IRS appreciates that many investors would like to obtain physical precious metals bullion holdings such as these RCM Silver Bars. In order for them to be approved for IRA accounts, they require that the bars meet certain standards. Retirement accounts like these are often referred to as precious metals IRAs. This means that approved bullion bars and coins can be stored inside. RCM Silver Bars can be acquired with IRA funds and kept in these self directed IRAs. These silver bars remain a consistent choice of investors because the spot price of silver is always far less than the gold prices. This makes silver a good deal more affordable as an investment hedge and insurance.

RCM Silver Bars meet the IRS' minimum .999 silver purity requirement as spelled out in the 408(b) section of their code. First purchases are required to be at least $5,000 in qualified silver bullion. Subsequent purchase amounts can be made for as little as $1,000. All of these IRA account bars or coins have to be maintained in IRS approved depositories. These third party vaults look after and maintain your silver bullion so that you do not have to worry about it. You can simply transfer an existing IRA over to one of these precious metals IRAs by rolling it over.

RCM Silver Bars are widely recognized, making them liquid. You can easily buy and sell them at coin or precious metals dealers throughout the world. These bars are all serial numbered and registered with the LBMA. Your IRA administrator will purchase these bars from reputable dealers after you give the instructions to buy.

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