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2023 has been a very active year in the Precious Metals industry. Many Americans now understand that the future looks very grim for the U.S. dollar and the banking sector in general. Our country's debt has reached a point of no return and our the Fed is printing money at the fastest pace in the history of the world. Investing in physical gold and silver bullion coins (and bars) as part of a well diversified IRA investment strategy is now considered one of the best ways to protect your portfolio and preserve your wealth in case of an imminent systemic disaster.

Reasons Savvy Investors Are Embracing Gold & Silver

  • Wealth Preservation.
  • Portfolio Diversification.
  • Protection against the imminent crash of the banking system.
  • Protection against devalued US dollar.
  • Tangible asset that has maintained its purchasing power in 100 years.

Precious Metals are NOT Recommended for Those

  • Seeking short-term investments. (c.f. buy and sell overnight)
  • Retiring soon (less than 2-3 years away)
  • Investing less than $10,000 (or overall portfolio size less than $50,000).

Type of Metals Allowed by the IRS

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The IRS currently allows IRA holders to own bullion coins and bars that meet the following requirements:

  • Gold: Purity of .995+
  • Silver: purity of .999+
  • Platinum: purity of .9995+
  • Palladium: purity of .9995+

The following bullion coins and bars meet (and often exceed) these requirements: American Gold & Silver Eagle coins, American Buffalo Gold & Silver coins, Canadian Gold & Silver Maple Leaf coins, Austrian Philharmonic coins, Credit Suisse and Johnson Matthew Gold & Silver bars. Talk to your preferred Gold IRA Company for more details.

How Much Are People Investing?

  • On the conservative side: 5%-10% of total portfolio.
  • Those willing to take more risk: 15%-20% of total portfolio.

Want to Get Started or Learn More?

If you already own an IRA or 401k and would like to roll over part of it to Precious Metals, the first step is finding a reputable custodian to work with (view our 2023 reviews here).

To learn more or to get started, we recommend requesting our FREE 2023 Investor's Kit below. If you have any questions, you can talk to  an advisor for free by calling 1-(888) 820 1042 during PDT business hours (8AM to 6PM).

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